Written by Samanta

24 Nov 2017

Chrissy was a gem. I had admitted that I liked to dress, and she admitted that she had known from day one, Ruth had told her about the ‘three amigos’ thinking nothing was going to come out of the meeting but hoping that Chrissy would be up for it.

We were renting an apartment in a place called Fruitdale, (which we both laughed at as it seemed appropriate) in San Jose, I was working for a software company in Silicon Valley and Chrissy was working as a researcher in organic chemistry.

Dave and Ruth were too busy to visit, Dave was doing an engineering degree with Rolls Royce and Ruth was busy on rotation in the hospital, so they found it hard to arrange more than a few days holiday at the same time.

I began dressing more and more in the apartment with Chrissy’s consent and she helped me to pick clothes when we went shopping in San Francisco, she taught me how to do my own make up and after a while, to be honest even I thought I looked pretty good.

I passed moderately well, I am quite lucky as I am only 5ft 6inches so even in heals I’m not too tall to stand out, also the boxing and kung fu had kept me on the slim side, being one of those people who can go to the gym for hours on end and train hard but all I do is tone up, I have never been able to muscle up, apparently its something to do with genetics.

Chrissy and I would sometimes visit the ‘Castro’ on the west side of San Francisco bay, apparently its one of the first gay ‘villages’ in the world and in the late 80’s early 90’s was bloody good fun.

We spent 2 years in Fruitdale. I got itchy feet at work and realized that I could do better, so with 2 other guys we quit on the same day, and started up our own software business. It was the best move I have ever made. The internet had been around for several years, but it wasn’t until around 1990 that the ‘Web’ came to the front and basically went global, so the business just took off almost from day one.

We moved the business to Los Angeles, Chrissy and I rented an apartment in West Hollywood, we chose there because of its straight and gay nightlife. And it was here that we started going out as Chrissy and Samantha.

Aids was still a big thing in the 90’s (not that its any less dangerous now, but then getting the HIV virus was considered a death sentence) so we never played with anyone, we just went out got pissed and made loads of really good friends, including several porn actors and actresses.

The porn business is something that you either love or hate but talking to our new friends made me realize that what you see on the screen is not what goes on in front of the camera, I honestly don’t know how they do it and stay sane.

I was dressing about 70% of the time now, only going male mode when I went to the office, everyone in the company knew I dressed, after seeing me at Christmas and Halloween parties dressed as Marilyn Monroe or Morticia Adams, but I paid their salaries so sod em.

Only on one occasion did Chrissy and I play with Dave and Ruth, they came to visit in 1992.

We had been married for about 3 years and had not seem them since the wedding apart from the time we came home to Birmingham for my grandmother’s funeral, and any playing then would have been a little inappropriate.

I had been asking Chrissy about the possibility of playing before Dave and Ruth arrived, but she had been apprehensive about taking part. I said if she decided that she didn’t want to join in then neither would I, and I meant it.

We spent the first week of their visit showing Dave and Ruth around, Disney, Glendale, La Brea Tar Pits and of course, the ‘gay villages’ in West Hollywood and Silver Lakes.

Sunday afternoon, Dave wanted to watch a football game on TV, so we let him get on with it six pack at his side, while us girls sat at the dinning table and drank copious amounts of wine. The conversation inevitably turned to sex, I was shocked to learn that Dave and Ruth were totally monogamous, they were not swingers, and that the threesomes that we all indulged in during our youth were because she really did love both Dave and me. I had honestly thought that she had just been saying this and felt a real surge of love for her.

If you’ve ever watched an American football game, you will know that its 4 hours of stop start with a commercial between every touch of the ball, after 30 years I still don’t understand why the Americans love it so much.

So by the end of the game we were all pretty well smashed, Dave changed channels and found Monty Python, so I plonked myself beside him on the couch and watched in a drunken daze.

I must have fallen asleep because Dave was prodding me and the Python had changed to god knows what. When I came around Dave pointed toward the kitchen area and nodded, turning around I saw my best friend with her arms around my wife’s neck and her tongue pushed hard into her mouth.

Dave and I watched for a few minutes then got up and joined the girls, we grabbed our own partners and started to kiss them, it didn’t take too long for us all to migrate to our bedroom where we just piled on the bed, at first it was innocent, only touching our own wives, but eventually the girls began to kiss again, it was obvious that Chrissy had never done this before, all her movements were tentative to begin but she seemed to be getting the hang of it. Ruth slowly began to undress my beautiful wife while Dave and I looked on. I so wanted to touch Dave and so much more, but was unsure of what Chrissy’s reaction would be, (its one thing to know your husbands past, but did she really want to see it?). so we just carried on watching.

By now they were both naked, and it was a joy to behold. Ruth would do something to Chrissy like suck a nipple or rub her clit and wait for Chrissy to respond, which she did every time, we could both see that the two girls were really enjoying themselves.

Dave had had enough. He stood up off the bed and got undressed, so I did the same down to my undies. We both went to our wives, Dave put his cock into Ruth’s mouth and I slid into Chrissy from behind.

Ruth stopped sucking Dave after a few thrusts and offered him up to my wife’s mouth, now game for anything Chrissy eagerly took him into her mouth. So now Ruth is sucking Chrissy’s nipples, Chrissy is sucking Dave while I spoon fuck her while kissing her cheek.

Chrissy grabbed Dave’s cock hard and gave it a few hard wanks, I thought that she was trying to get him to cum so I went to kiss her on the lips, almost before I got to her lips with mine she had placed Dave’s cock to my mouth, this was heaven. I could feel Ruth’s fingers rubbing Chrissy’s clit while sucking her nipples while I was fucking her and sucking eagerly on Dave’s cock at the same time. I remember thinking that this would have been a good time for one of the porn cameramen we knew to be there doing their job.

We played for ages in all types of position, but the best for me was Ruth and Chrissy in a 69 with Chrissy on top with me licking Chrissy’s arse while Dave fucked me hard.

That was the only time, Chrissy ever played and it was also the last time I ever played with Ruth, 2 years later she was diagnosed with cancer and died soon after, we were in Birmingham for the end and offered to take Dave to LA with us, but he’s still in Derby sitting by my side now and we are both crying.

I asked Chrissy about that night, and she just said that although she enjoyed it, it was not something she wanted to do again, so we never did.