Written by Nancy2

28 Dec 2009

I visited him and was fully dressed as the Girl with full make-up when I rang the doorbell he let me in and said "hi Nancy, you look loverly just like a real Girl and I am going to Fuck you as the Girl that you are so Go on up the stairs and round into the bedroom".

So I followed his instructions and wonderd why he waited a few seconds before following, anyway he then threw me face down on to the bed and pulled my knickers down and then told me that I acted so much like a Girl that he was going to treat me as a SLUT and spanked my bottom hard till it was red and sore.

He knew what he was doing because he then turned me on my back and my sore cheeks of my tight hole hurt that I wriggled about untill he raised my legs and pushed then right up and then he Pushed his 7 inch cock in me and pushed hard and deep and because of the pain I could not resist pushing hard on my hole which let him deep within me and then he came and filled my fully.

He then pulled out and examined my hole to see how full I was then sent me home saying that my hole needs filling with Creamy Spunk again so get more Fucked, wont you!

I said I will try to follow his words and he said that not try but must be more Fucked and I must try Bigger Cocks.

Love Nancy