Written by Thomas

1 Jun 2012

Just read your story on here Emma,its good to know now that we can be born into the wrong body,like you I'm 19 but I've got a "male" body so I've got to say andd do the things that young men are expected to do.At first I enjoyed wanking,I'm not sure about how often girls can do it and to be perfectly honest I'm not sure how they can do it but for me it was and still is something I do almost every day.

It is a little bit ago now that I was on holidays with my mum at a seaside place,I found a pair of sexy little female pants in the gents toilet,I was staying in a caravan with my mum and used to go in the toilet to wank.On that day I ended up stripping off in the cubicle and putting the pants on and almost instantly knew that something was missing from my life.

Standing there wanking wearing the pants feeling the softness of the material on my skin was the very best feeling of my life,I know it sounds over the top but I had never before had the kind of climax I had that day.Even though I don't consider myself to be gay over the next week on holidays I ended up letting a couple of strange men have sex with me,being treated like a girl,having a man appreciate my body and though they would have liked me to let them have anal sex with me,in both cases they were what I would describe as "large" in that department.

In a strange way I understand why you want to feel what it would be like to put a cock inside another person,I would love to know what it would be like to be penetrated in the real sense of the word,with both of the men I engaged in sex with I did take their cocks into my mouth and that way experienced the gushing of a mans cum,but for me the most unbelievable moments was when they took my cock in their mouths while I was wearing the little pants.

I'm moving away from living with my mum soon and I'm more than looking forward to being able to dress in a way I want to do,I don't know if at some stage I will want to go the whole way and have this converted to a vagina,but in the meantime being away from home will at least afford me the opportunity to again enjoy the attentions of men who want to remain men but who have the ability to engage in fun with a young man who needs so much to be treated like a young lady.