Written by silvertom

27 Dec 2011

After a day of sitting at home frustrated (as wife is away) i thought i would embark on a trip to Wisley....and im so glad i did. Before i tell my tale i think its relevant to say im a straight guy but with a little bit of a curious side for TV's, with only one previous encounter many moons ago. So i pulled up by the cafe tonight, had a couple of token laps...as you do, then to my dissapointment i saw a car leaving with what looked like a very sexy TV driving. So slightly dissapointed i waited a while longer...then a car full of dick-head lads turned up, driving round in endless circles and generally being a pain in the fuckin arse lol...they eventually fucked off so i moved to a parking place directly opposite the cafe, lit up a cig and waited. It wasnt even 5 minutes and a car parked near me, the door opened and i got a glint of nylon and high heels, with the occupant walking around to the back of the cafe. So i left my car and made my way round to the back of the cafe. I saw this extremely convincing sexy looking TV stood there in a short tight black dress, black hold-ups and heels, long black hair, full make-up and quite large fake boobs. I wont lie...i was very nervous and was afraid to approach this lady of the night...so i walked back around to the side...then back again to have another look...then back to the side again....my nerves was clearly getting the better of me. Then she walked round to wear i was standing, walked up to me, then with her back to me rubbed my semi hard cock...i managed to tame the nerves by this point and felt brave enough to grab her boobs...she then grabbed my hand and lead me to the back of the cafe...but i wasnt happy here as it was a bit exposed and i didnt want any other guys to come over and start wanking in front of me (not my thing) so i walked of in front up the hill into the trees where it was more quieter, therefore no chance of anyone else getting involved. She followed and when we got to our quiet spot she started to rub my cock, i then lifted up her tight skirt to reveal a very feminine bum, sexy black g-string and suspender belt clipped onto her hold-ups....plus her legs looked great...not a bit of hair on them. This girl clearly took alot of time to get ready, sounded fem and smelt of perfume....and it definately worked. Anyway as i have a fetish for nylons i started to rub my hands up and down her legs....by this point my cock was very hard, so with her skirt still hitched up she got on her knees and started to suck me off, she done it very gently and it was so sexy when i was looking down at her, she was looking at me in the eye and i could see her stocking tops. After a few minutes she pulled my jeans down abit further and turned me round where she then started to lick my arse and fondle my balls whilst i was wanking myself off. A few minutes past and i knew it wouldnt be long before i was about to cum so i turned round and she took my cock back into her mouth. I ended up cumming (alot) in her mouth which was lovely although i did plan on letting myself go all over her nylon legs...but i couldnt contain myself. A truely lovely experiance...my only regret is after sorting myself out and walking to the car is that i didnt ask for her number. That was the first time i have had a BJ from a TV, and what a cracking one to start with. I defo hope to meet this one again maybe one day i will go a little further as my last TV experiance was a hand-job, which was good but not on the scale of tonights little adventure. Brilliant.