Written by karentv28friend

27 May 2010

Toy Top picnic area was well known as a dogging site, it has been closed down now for a long time but it was a haunt of mine whenever the time was available and the mood was right.

I'd pulled into one of the car park areas furthest away from the toilet block. It had turned 9 p.m. the light had faded and there was a cool breeze blowing through the trees.

The clothes I had chosen for the foray on this particular evening were simplistic in as much as they allowed easy access but looked scrumptious. A shortish black warp skirt under which I had my favoured black opaque stockings. The tight lace knickers I wore held me in place delightfully, the constraint adding to my overall femme appearance. The white loose fitting blouse was left with two top buttons undone no bra, prefering the feeling of soft sensual silky material against my rose bud nipples. The 5" stilleto's gave my calves a wonderful shape and ensured my steps would be small, petite and feminine. The long auburn wig was off set with a full make over, gold earings and several necklaces.

There were a few cars already parked up but I waited and allowed my eyes to get accustomed to the darkness before alighting my car. Shadows moved just out of sight as one or two people were positioning themselves. I knew there were several voyers who frequented the picnic area always on the lookout for a quick sight of courting couples and swingers as they got their own particular things going.

Taking a long inhaled pull on a bottle of poppers I relaxed into the mood as the waves of mellow dizziness took over my senses. Allowing a few minutes for the effects to move over me I opened the car door and stepped out into the cool night air. Imediately the material of the wrap skirt was lifted by the breeze and I stood there in a Monroe moment enjoying the sensation of the fresh breeze moving over my exposed thighs and crotch. Was that a gasp I heard from the bushes or just the sound of the leaves rustleing?

Proceeding toward the toilet block I thought I'd give it my best walk as I slowly approached the ladies toilets. On entering I quickly surveyed the wash basin area and checked myself out in the mirror, no lights but the shadowy shape that was looking back through the mirror looked fine to me.

I entered a cubicle as I needed a pee. On finishing there was a sound of footsteps outside of my cubicle which moved, after a few seconds, to the cubicle on the right of mine. Waiting for several seconds the noises coming from next door were not female, heavy breathing and a few low gruph grunts as someone was obviously masterbating. Opening my door I walked back along to the wah basins, heels clicking delightfully, I lifted myself up and seated myself on the edge of the basin, crossed my legs and waited to see what would transpire.

Sitting quietly it wasn't long before the toilet door opened and this rather large guy walked along to the main doorway. he saw me sitting there and turned to look. His manhood soon appeared in his hand as he was given a glimps of stocking top. i was enjoying the sensation running through me as I had once again indulged myself with my poppers. My left hand had entered the undone button area of my blouse and I was pleasuring my rose bud. Head dropped to one side it was quite obvious that this girl was hot to trot.

Not knowing what to do the guy sort of turned away as if to walk out but then looked back as I leaned back against the wall sinking into an obvious state of girly arousal. "Are you going to waste what you have there in a handkerchief or do something more adventurous with it" I enquired.

His member was fully erect and he was wanking like hell when he finally took courage and walked over toward me. My legs opened as he placed one hand on either leg and gently pursuaded me to open up. Taking himself in hand he again started wanking fast. A loud grunt was followed by a sudden feeling of warmth in my crotch area. His spunk, although not large in quantity, gave my upper thigh and lace knickers a decent soaking. I took a sliver of the warm fuid on my finger and dipped it into my mouth, sucking on the small amount of cum and enjoying the flavour of man juice. Nothing was said by my rather large friend as he put his manhood back to bed and left the buildng.

Walking back to my car I passed a dark coloured jag, window down, driver smoking and seat reclined. again the sight of a decent enough manhood being manipulated gave me butterflies in my stomach. I walked several paces past the car and turned into one of the bays where there was a picnic table.

As I positioned myself on top of one of the tables I heard the car door open then close, then footsteps approaching. Crossing my legs with thighs and stocking tops on show I was prepared for fun. "You look devine dear lady" my new suiter complimented me. "thanks for that. Appreciation is always welcome".

He approached the end of the bench with me sitting with my feet on the seat. He stroked my hair and as I turned my head toward him he kissed me gently. I swooned, this guy was not going to be messing about. "there are others about you know who are watching your every move" he whispered.

"yes I know!!, do you want to give them something to watch?"

"I would dearly love to screw you dear lady, I'm nearly fit to busting I've been wanking for 20 minutes".

"I,m all yours" I said "I'm fully lubed and ready for some full on fun". turning toward him, he opened my legs and positioned himself exactly. Laying back on my elbows i looked into his eyes as he loosend his trousers and dropped them. His cock felt warm against my opening as he positioned himself. Condom applied and with me still on my elbows practically begging for it he entered me slowly. Gripping my waist he pulled me closer and steadily buried himself inside me. Fully inserted he just held on in there for ages as my buttocks rocked back and forth screwing myself aganist his groin. The penetration was delicious then there was a movement to my right as an elderly guy climbed up on the other seated side of the table and started masturbating. Another guy approached me from the left and started to kiss me passionately. pulling away from the embrace I turnd to watch the guy between my legs, he just couldn't hang on any longer and let out a groan as his juices flowed inside of me. the older guy having wanked himself into a fenzy let loose and showered my chest, which had been exposed by the guy kissing me, with copius amounts of spunk. I chuckled in glee as they both sank down in exhaustion. This left the third guy to finish off. I moved off the table and knelt down in front of him just in time to receive his hot cum directly on my left cheek before managing to take him o completion.

The three of them tidied themselves up and I was left to lap up what juice I could recover from my chest and face. Sitting with a glow of warm satisfaction I smiled to myself knowing I had been given a good seeing to and had given as much enjoyment as I had received.