28 Oct 2016

From my previouse post you will know i was introduced to being cock docked by an old man in leigh his cock pushed inside mine while he fucked what he named my quim, Any way he rang my mobile to tell me he knew a couple gagging to meet me after he had told them about me gave me an address in leigh with the post codetold me it was set up for the coming saturday if i was ok with that i texted back to accept so george could let them know, Saturday night seemed to come round so soon dressed in a nice frock suspenders blk stockings red panties my blond bob cut wig full make up its always a thrill getting ready for a date with someone new all i had was there names Ken and Liz plus there post code dressed off i drove to find were they lived i arrived at a small road all houses there had drives to them drove slowly looking for the correct house then drove onto the drive, My tummy had butterflys as i rang the door bell a slim guy with grey hair answered the door looking to be in his early fiftys i reached out to shake his hand but he took my hand pulled in into the house i am Lisa i said he looked me up and down very nice to better than George discribed he put his arm my waist and took me in to the living room this is my wife Liz he said his wife walked over to me welcome Lisa she said and kissed me like a coffee she said Ken will make it sugar ?? or are you sweet enough Liz with a giggle she sat me down on the settee next to her she placed her hand on my knee as we sat together i thought then i hope Liz is not thinking of me fucking her i am a panty wearing sissy only never ever a stud Ken brought a coffee in placed it on a small table like cream Lisa he said i nodded he left the room Liz had a broad smile on her face for some reason did not take long to find out why Ken walked back in minus his trousers and briefs holding a semi erect medium sized cock in his hand your cream Lisa he said pushing his cock towards my lips taste it sweetie i open my mouth and Ken eased his cock between my lips untell i felt his balls against my chin, His wife Liz had now raised my frock up to reveal my suspenders stockings and panties love sweet girly undies Liz said her panties were on show she was a big women at a guess would say her panties were size 22 and her bust would be around 40dd , Her husband Ken was now fully erect as he was face fucking me Liz was now peeling my panties down lift your botty up darling she said as she slipped my panties of completly never touched my little dicklette but pushed me down onto all fours on the carpet i felt Liz open my bum cheeks and felt her tongue between my bum cheeks Liz was rimming me something i had never had a woman do to me ever Ken then said to his wife is she ready for fucking Liz stopped rimming me and said ohh yesss darling Ken withdrew from my mouth and came round behind me pushed me head down so my bum rose upward and started to push is cock into my anus i had being well lubed by his wife Liz he entered me with ease mean while his wife was getting undressed i was right about those huge breasts what big nipples Liz had ken was now fucking me hard off came his wife panties to show her pussy slit shaved she sat down in front of me and slid forward until her pussy was right infront of my face Liz took hold of my ears pulling me to her bare pussy lips i knew what i had to do and started to lick her cunny for her i could feel and taste her clitty it was quite prominant Ken now had fingers inside my dicklette nice quim he said by now he was lying across my back as he fucked me this was the most unusual spit roasted i had ever being given, Ken was now forcing the little tip of my dicklette further inside me he was letting out moans and giving me deep thrusts as he erupted inside me filling me with his man seed Ken rolled off me and pushed me onto my back, Liz got on top of me open your legs sweetheart she said she got between my open legs first off pushing her tits into my face i sucked her nipples like i was a child again being breast fed then she felt between my legs no dicklette there for her it was still up inside me she moved her cunny over my mound were my dicklette was ment to be her cunny was wet has she started to fuck me rubbing her clitty over were my dicklette should have being , Ken said your everything she likes Liz loves lezzy sex she is tribbing you like a lezzy bitch i felt her clitty was now rubbing against the tip of my dicklette like a clitty i was now pushing up to meet her thrusts holding her big fleshy bum cheeks i knew she was going to make me orgasm i moaned and shuddered as he orgamed Liz orgasmed like a river bank bursting i huged and kissed her never ever have i enjoyed sex like that Liz gave me a huge love bite i promised to go back and boy am i looking forward to Liz making love to me again Ken can have what he wants from me but will have wet dreams about Liz until i go back Lisa