31 Oct 2016

Hello , If you read part one you would know i met a married couple Ken nd Liz , Ken fucked me but Liz took me to a new world of sex she had lesbian tendency, Any ways Liz rang me Saturday on my mobile asked if i was busy i nearly choked with excitement no i replyed like to come over kens away i am a little bored told Liz i would be over in 20mins, i put my make up on blond wig blue frock with a flower pattern on tan seamed stockings lilac panties matching bra and was ready sneaked into my car at the top of our drive and was off Karen my wife was over at her sisters, for the week-end , Was not a long drive and drove up there drive to park near the rear door, Liz greeted me at the back door with a hug and a kiss took my hand led me into the kitchen she had a pot of coffee made poured each a mug and led me through to the living room she sat down a a large settee pated the place next to were she was sat, As we drank our coffee Liz asked me a few questions First did i have sex with me wife i answered truth fully No her next question my wife and mines sleeping arrangements told her we dont sleep together, Next question what did i wear to bed told her short nightey with panties , My answers pleased Liz huged me and gave me a kiss those are the answers i wanted to hear from your lips Lisa , We cuddled each other i could feel those lovely big breasts of her s pressing against me i could not help myself i reached over and undid her blouse i pushed her bra up to reveal those breasts and put my mouth over her nipples Liz slipped her blouse off

and unfasted her bra her breasts fell free to my delight , We were now engaged in deep frence kisses lots of tongue play, Liz unfastened my blouse followed by removed my bra liz pushed me back on the settee and started to suck on my nipples the love bite from our last meeting was still there but faint Liz placed another love bite on my other titie her breast size is 42dd mine is a mere 38b her hand went up my frock and rubbed across the front of my panties i was on cloud nine , We need to go up stairs Lisa, Liz said taking hold of my hand she was leading me upstairs from behind her i could she she had no panties on so i ran my fingers over that lovely plump bum my hand then slipped between her legs and felt her wetness over my fingers on the landing we kissed with a real passion we undressed each other in the bedroom only had my panties on now Liz was naked , Liz pushed me on to the bed then went into a bedside drawer and got out a glass dildo about six inch in lenth she pushed my panties down my little tiny dicklette was now showing liz lubed the dildo and eased it into the shaft of my dicklette pushing the knob head back inside me gently she started and in and out motion like she was masturbate a lesbian lover, Liz kept in in me longer and longer so when she started to withdraw it the tip of my dicklette was no longer coming down my shaft she kissed me and said as i looked down thats my little girl lisa s cunny now i was happyer than i have being for a long time, Liz had her legs wide open tapping her cunny i knew what my lover wanted and was eager to please her she got on all fours i got under her and started to lick and taste her cunny and even flicked my tongue over her anus Liz was now rubbing her cunny across my face her juices were on my lips i was licking them the taste was heaven to me, Liz rolled over and said open your legs lisa my angel Lisa got on top of me when had being under her i had seen and tasted her clitty it was like a small dick between her cunny lips, Liz now now started to make love to me like a lesbian tribbing me we were rubbing our cunnys togerher after a while Liz squirted her sweet orgasm over my cunny and i finaly orgasmed just dribbling juices mixing with my lovers , Before i left her Liz had inserted a tampon in my dicklette shaft to get my dicklette trained to stay were it was when we made love having tampons makes me feel even more girly i know i am in love with Liz , But she has a husband and me a wife so her meetings and love making must remain secret Lisa xxxx Please excuse spelling mistakes ect i am not a pro writer