Written by Debbielancs

19 Jun 2007

Just thought I would tell you about my wonderful night tonight.

I was fully dressed, short skirt, black fishnet hold ups, suede boots and full make-up, but sat at home with no where to go.

I thought I would have a drive up to a well known dogging place near to Brecon.

I have been a few times before with limited success, given oral to a few guys and been fucked with my strap-on by a guy but thats about it.

I pulled into the first layby (there are about 6) in which a lorry was parked.

I thought he flashed his rear lights when I drove past but wasnt sure so carried on and checked out the rest.

No one about so I returned to the first layby and pulled in behind the lorry.

Another car pulled infront of the lorry and in the head lights I could see the lorry driver was stood between the hedge and his wagon so i got out of my car and apprehensively walked round the side towards him.

He was stood wanking himself off with his cock in his hand. He was huge, easily 9" and wide with it.

I reached down and took his cock in my hand and proceeded to help him out, crouching down I took his gorgeous cock into my mouth.

He tasted lovely and I could also smell the deisel on him which turned me on too.

I took him deeply into my mouth and allowed his pre cum to dribble from my lips and down his cock, lubing him up nicely (though I was already lubed ready for action)

He asked me if he could fuck me and I turned round and bent over, allowing him to lift up my skirt and after sliding my panties to one side, insert a finger into me, followed by 2 then 3.

I was in heaven as he eased his huge cock into me. He jabbed at at my pussy a couple of times before ramming it deep into me and starting to fuck me, pulling almost right out before thrusting all the way back in.

I steadied myself against his lorry and looking up saw the guy from the other car stood right in front of me with his erect cock in his hand. He moved closer so that it was just in front of my face and I reached out, taking hold of his legs and lowered my lips around his cock, as the lorry driver hammered into me.

I sucked and licked as I was being banged deeply by the lorry driver until he tightened his grip on me and pushed really hard and deep into my pussy, filling me with his cum with a very audible grunt.

At the same time, the cock in my mouth exploded and filled my mouth with cum. I tried to take it all but as he pulled out cum seeped from my mouth and down over my lips and chin.

He disappeared quite quickly but the lorry driver wasn't finished and he carried on almost pulling out before thrusting back in again for another 5 minutes or so before he was spent and started to go down.

I turned round, kneeled down and took his cock into my mouth again, cleaning his juices off his cock like a good girl.

He says he goes there nearly every week so I guess I will be a bit busy now on a Monday night being his naughty girl.