Written by EmilyD

7 Sep 2009

i was invited to serve as a sub maid to a tv mistress and her gentleman friend. on meeting mistress sophie at her home, i was told to get ready, then come to the lounge. i was to knock before entering. after making myself presentable in my full maids uniform, with my little white apron, and with my hair tied back in a pony tail. i came down stairs, knocked on the lounge door, mistress told me to enter, as i walked in, the room was dimly lit with just a lamp and the curtains drawn. mistress was sat in an armchair and to the right of her sat on the sofa was a her gentleman friend. i walked upto mistress and stood in front of her. hands at my side and head straight. mistress stood up, and walk around me taking a good look. then complimented me on my appearance. mistress told me to kneel in front of her, she then attached a collar around my neck, now you belong to me, do you understand, yes mistress. mistress then introduced me to her gentleman friend, who i was to adress as sir. i then served drinks. as i gave sir his drink, he put his hand on my leg, running it up my stockinged thigh, mmm very nice. mistress told me to kneel, then sir stood in front of me, he was wearing a bathrobe, mistress removed it for him, he was stood in front of me naked. mistress then told me to pleasure sir. as i took his semi hard cock in my hand he must have been about 9 inches and very thick, i slowly started to wank him, he put his hand on my head pulling my mouth on to his cock, he was forcing his huge cock into my mouth, making me gag. i held him with one hand and cupped his balls with my other hand, i was wanking and sucking him at the same time, he was moaning and i could feel him growing and tensing up ready to explode, as he gave out a moan one more time he held me with both hands and i felt his cum hitting the back of my throat, keeping me there making sure i got all of his load. as i swallowed his last drops, he pulled out and sat back down. mistress then told me to stand up, she gave me a deep kiss, pushing her tongue down my throat, so she could also taste sir. mistress then took me upstairs to the bedroom. she put me on the bed face down. lifted my dress, pulled my panties down, then lubed me up and slid a butt plug into me, she then gave me a good spanking, telling me i was such a slut. mistress then removed the butt plug, i could feel her behind me, i raised up to meet her, i could feel her at the entrance to my love hole, she slowly slid into me, making me comfortable with her, as she slid all the way in, she pulled me to meet her, sliding in and out gently fucking me, telling me i was a good slut, then starting to speed up, pushing deeper into me, making sure i got all of her giving me a good hard fuck then holding me to her tight as she explodes making sure i take every last drop of her cum. as she pulls out she takes my panties then cleans herself, open your mouth slut, and gags me with my panties, she takes my hands behind my back and ties them together, then my ankles. she turns me over and leaves me bound and gagged, as she closes the dorr, mistress tells me they will be back later for more......