Written by stocking bloke

17 May 2007

Hi all,thought i'd let you all know how i got on with a recent meet.I'd arranged to meet mike a guy i'd been in contact with for a couple of months now.We'd spoken a couple of times but never met.We arranged to meet at his rented flat at 10am,i'd taken a day off work.I'd packed a few items of lingerie in my bag the night before & set out to meet mike.He is in his fifties and me being a young 35 yr old,i was apprehensive what to expect.I phoned him 1st as i'd got lost in the complex & was greeted by a fit,good looking guy at the front door. We greeted each other with a smile and a hand shake & went inside.After 10 mins of showing me round his flat,we decided to get changed into something more comfy and appropriate.I went to the spare bedroom & slipped into black stockings,suspenders,open crotch knickers & high heels.I walked unsteadily back into the living room to find mike in a black basque,stockings,gown & long silk gloves."wow" i said before joining him on the floor (the flat was unfurnished).We then put a tranny dvd on the laptop to get the mood going.I was pretty nervous to say the least & knelled down with my feet under my bum taking more interest in the dvd than mike.He then began to caress my leg and pushed me back to expose my already hard cock,he then wanked me gently before taking me in his mouth.He started to suck and lick me at quite a good rythme,i parted his legs and began to rub his cock then pulled his knickers to one side & popped his cock in my mouth.God it tasted good,i took it as far down as i could,we were in a 69 position (me on top) & both sucking at each others cocks like our lives depended on it.He then got on all fours & demanded i fucked his mouth,i duly obliged.I put my hands either side of his head & pulled him down onto my shaft.I pushed my cock further in with each push & mike was pulling on my suspender straps willing me to go in further."stop,stop" i said "i dont wanna cum yet",i laid on the floor & beckoned him to straddle my face & fuck my mouth the same way.He put his hard cock in my mouth & pulled my head up.I placed my hands round his stockinged legs & beckoned him onto me.It felt like it was touching my tonsils & i was gonna choke,but the look on mikes face was pure joy,so i carried on.I felt his cock throb & with a final thrust he pumped his spunk down my throat.I swallowed most of it,well i had no choice!! As i layed back mike returned the compliment licking my balls & up my shaft till i was on the brink of cumming,i turned him on his back & straddled his chest just in time to shoot hot spunk over his chest.We got cleaned up said our goodbyes & continue seeing each other now & again.Isnt that what it's all about!!! Bloody marvellous.