29 Dec 2017

Some weeks passed since my first encounter with Jane and Eric - I half expected never to hear from them again , consoling myself to occasional wanks whilst re living the erotic meeting.

Some weeks later I was browsing SH , when I noticed a message in my inbox . I opened it to find it had come from Jane!

I was so excited to make contact again and quickly read on. She said Eric and her were planning a party for a few friends at their studio and would I like to attend. I quickly messaged back saying yes and asked for more details about who would be attending

After a few anxious minutes waiting for a response ,a messages pop up in my inbox from Jane - she nformed me they required a maid to serve drinks, nibbles and generally be on hand to attend to guests “requirements”. She informed me that she had invited 3 older men that Eric knew well and 3 of her female friends who enjoyed “the scene”.

The reason for the get together was to promote and take some photos of Janes new underwear range - Janes friends were going to model the lingerie whilst Eric and his friends photographed and admired the new range of garments.

Jane went on to explain that some of Eric’s friends who were attending were quite influential in the fashion industry and could help with promoting her range and therefore it was very important that her guests were treated courteously at all times and there glasses kept full. Jane explained that she would provide the uniform for me to wear and that I was to shower and turn up 1 hour before they arrive at the studio to get ready.

As the date got closer I started to wonder what was in store for the evening; what would their friends make of. A crossdresser serving drinks and nibbles ? Obvious I knew Jane and Eric liked CDs , but what about their guests ?

The evening finally arrived and I showered and dressed in my male clothes for the short drive to Malvern. I was trembling with anticipation and excitement when I arrived. I parked up and just as I was about to ring the door bell, the door opened and I was met by Jane and Eric were had been looking out for me to arrive. “ come in “ said Jane “ we need to get you ready before my female models arrive and Eric’s guests”

I walked up the stairs to the studio that was so familiar from my previous sexy visit . “ come on, get undressed , we haven’t got all day !”, Eric demanded

I stripped down Andy Jane helped me into a black satin French maids outfit which felt so cool and silky against my skin. Next Jane held out a pair of black and white nylon panties and told me to slip them on . Next was a pair of white lace top hold up stockings and then black court heels. Normally my cock would have been so hard, but I didn’t have time to enjoy the experience of dressing 8nfront of Jane and Eric , they were very bus8ness like , as they and I had much to d9 before the guests arrived. Lastly Jane added a satin apron and placed a blonde wig over my hair. She stood back and said “ not bad, we can do some make up later if we have time “

Eric wandered off to attend to his photographic equipment whilst Jane instructed me to start pre

ring wine bottles and glasses

One another’s silver tray she arranged a selection of dildos and vibrators and told me to leave these out of sight until she told me to offer them round

“ god is that the time !” Said Jane ,” my models will be here any minute, and I’ll not even ready “ I was ordered to follow Jane and assst her get ready. She stripped down to her sexy underwear consisting of a satin pair of French knickers in red , matching suspender belt , lacy red bra and red satin camisole top . Her stockings were black with lace tops and seams. She a told me to pass the dress hang8ng up on a rail , to her . As she pulled it over her legs and up her body it showed off all her curves and she looked incredibly sexy. “ how do I look ?” As she slipped on her high heels . “Very nice” , I said with that she smiled and slid her hand over my crotch , rubbing my cock gently through my satin uniform material

The door bell rang and She shot off into the studio shouting to me to go and let her models in . I went down the stairs and opened the door trembling at what they might think when they saw me dressed as a French maid

As I opened the door i was met by 3 young slim girls clutching make up bags , I invited them in and asi walked up the stairs with them following me , I noticed them giggle to each other as they saw up my satin dress. At the top of stairs two of the models raced past me into the studios whilst the third hung back and brushed past my still erect cock , whispering “ cannot wait to see that hard cock later “ and then kissed me on cheek

Jane showed the models to their changing room which had a selection of her lingerie hanging on rails that they would be modelling later. Jane called me over to the changing room and 8ntroduced me to the girls “ this is Debbie ,she I said here to attend to all your needs this evening , she’s not like every girl though as she has sineth8ng very special in her panties ,” Jane grinned at me and it was quite clear all the other girls knew exactly what she meant - I blushed , but they didn’t seem to mind and continued to undress infront of me

To be continued