15 Jan 2017

I must have been quite young and I spent a great deal of time on my own. the family was somewhat disjointed but comfortable and I had spent time at prep school. Little did I know how those early experiences would shape my later years.

I had already experienced wet dreams and it would not be long before sleepovers in a shared bed awakened my hormones and led to those first touches, arousal and mutual pleasure. However, in parallel with this I had discovered the delights of the airing cupboard. This was in the days when I had no experience of what the opposite sex might wear and the feel of nylon stockings and the shape and function of bras and panties were still only a vague idea in my mind. But the accident of one unlocked bathroom door was to change all that.

A trip to the bath room for an early morning wash sent me through the unlocked door and I was greeted with a sight that I can remember in detail to this present day. She was dressed in a white bra, white suspender belt and tan stockings with white aertex panties on the chair. A glimpse of dark hair completed the erotic sight. I was despatched with a loud shout and beat a hasty retreat, But the seeds had been sown .....

Now the airing cupboard held a far greater interest for me and I was soon to be experimenting with the same clothes that had made me feel so aroused on my accidental view. I had already added the view to my repertoire of naughty thoughts and was using it in my frequent solo pleasure sessions. But now it could be for real and I have this vivid memory of laying on my bed in the self same outfit and being hardly able to contain the climax for more that a short while. And, what a climax! As you may imagine I now had to devise suitable ways to sponge off any evidence.

So there you have it, the awakening. I may feel that I should explain more and perhaps I will. The spanking from prep school, the feather bed sleep overs and my interest in the opposite sex formed a complex mix that exists in various ways right to this very day. It's been a fantastic sexual mix and it's not over yet!

I still get a great thrill as soon as I even hold or unwrap a pair of stockings and the thrill intensifies as I slip them on and fasten the suspender clips. I know it seems really naughty but I seem to have a special thrill if I cum on my stockings. There is also the other hangover from the early years which leave me with intense pleasure. If I give even a gentle spanking through panties, that pleasure becomes intense should I pull the panties down to see the pink botty. Perhaps I've said enough about that! The other strange thing is that I still have a fascination for white underwear and tan stockings which were very much of the 1950s or 60s. Add a button through gingham dress and my memories leap to the fore. Another great delight is the suspender girdle, open fronted and where possible with wide suspender straps with metal clasps. I often wonder if others have these very specific sexual triggers. I guess that remain embedded in our subconscious from our younger years. I still love to see ladies or other guys in these undergarments, and a really special treat is when I dress with another mature guy and feel the sensual fabric and compare notes on the past. Yes, truly heaven.

So I keep looking for the right guy to share experiences. We would remember those first occasions where our hand touched another erection or the first time our hands wandered up a stocking clad leg and slipped in to the gap in the panties. The wonder of the stiffness or the wet and warm slit.

So if you have a similar background or experiences then why not get in touch. If you were anywhere near Taunton then that would be a fantastic bonus.