Written by hotbotsw

17 Feb 2011

i ws in london last week and took all my clothes with me, i got back to the hotel about 5pm and decided to get dressed up and hit the streets, being early i thought i would go for the secretary look so i put on a black basque and stockings, a very tight short pinstripe mini skirt that just covered my stocking tops, 5in black patent stilettos, a white blouse and a black under bust corset over it, did my make-up to a sexy look and stepped out, i felt so good as i walked slowly up the road, after a couple of minues a car stopped and the driver told me i looked fantastic and he would love a pa/secretary dressing and looking like i did, he asked if i fancied a drink and as he told me he knew my secret i agreed, i got in and he drove about 2 miles to the hotel where he was staying, we walked in and went to the bar for a drink, there was a couple of older men in there and were clearly looking because as i sat down my stocking tops were clearly on show, i felt very turned on by this, we finished our drinks and he suggested we get a bottle of wine sent to his room and we left the bar to head up there, as we walked to the stairs his hand was all over my bum, i was really turned on and gave his cock a quick feel, we got to his room and he got his stiff cock out as soon as we got in the door, i ley on the bed and took his length in my mouth, long slow deep sucking while he was getting himself undressed there was a knock at the door so i got the wine and we started to drink, i stood on the balcony while he pushed himself into me while i was still dressed, when he stopped i got out of some of my clothes and stipped down to my basque, stockings and heels, he ley me on the bed, put my heels up on his shoulders and entered me again, he fucked my bum for ages and wanked me til i cum then made me lick it off his fingers, when he was about to cum he pulled out, got me on all fours at the end of the bed, stood in front of me and jetted his cum into my mouth and over my face, we had another drink, i got dressed and left, i had to walk back to my hotel like a very used secretary, i love dressing to please, it is such a turn on dressing tarty/slutty/sexy to please other and to be used for thier pleasure