Written by Bigdog63

28 Jul 2018

Well where to begin?

I have always thought that I could never enjoy a cock!

I live and work in Asia, in March this year I went with friends to Kuala Lumpur for a weekend to celebrate a friends birthday. We arrived around 9pm in KL and dropped our luggage at an hotel, one of the guys I was with had spent many nights in KL so knew where to go, we hit the bars and although there was lots of available girls around we were just drinking and basically trying to get pissed.

I arrived back at the hotel around 2am a little worse for wear but feeling horny, I use wechat which is basically an app to find friends, I was contacted by a girl who asked if I needed company, the photo of the girl was beautiful so we agreed a price of 400 Ringgit around £75, she agreed to come to my hotel so I was feeling really good, after around 10 minuets when she was on the way she told me that she was transsexual and would I mind, by this time I was beyond caring and also very curious.

When she arrived at my room she was absolutely stunning, I defy any man whether straight, bi, gay whatever there was no turning away.

She came into my room and said that we needed to shower, she took me to the shower and undressed I could not believe it she was 95% woman but with a cock! She took me into the shower and washed both of us so gently and carefully, my cock was so hard, her tits were perfect and a body to die for.

After the shower she took me to the bed and massaged me which was fantastic, then it started...the blow job she gave me was out of this world, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her cock, it was around 5 inches and erect before I knew it I had it in my mouth, it was fucking fantastic, because I was pissed I couldn’t cum but she didn’t care as she said she was enjoying what I was doing to her, I started to put my finger into her ass which really got her going, we got into a 69 with her on top with her cock in my mouth, I really really enjoyed it, but couldn’t cum, because it was so late she asked if she could stay, obviously I said yes and we fell asleep. Around 8am she said she had to go and I was meeting my friends for breakfast so she left. My mind was all messed up thinking about what happened, I went for breakfast and obviously didn’t tell anyone what had happened. Later in the afternoon she contacted me again and said she wanted to finish what she had started and was it okay to come back...I couldn’t wait for her to come back.

When she arrived we showered again with my cock absolutely rock hard, we went to the bed and she gave me the best blow job I have ever had in my life.. she swallowed the lot! I returned the favour but I didn’t want her to cum in my mouth, instead she just came over my chest I have never seen so much cum in my life, she said I could fuck her in the ass but there was just something that made me say no, looking back I wish I had, she was so beautiful we still keep in touch and she keeps asking when I will go back to KL, I will probably go again in September and next time we will meet up again, just writing this gives me a massive hard on thinking about what will happen next time, I wish I could share a photo of her to show you how beautiful she is but it would not be good.

I always thought that I would never do anything like this but fuck me it was so good and has totally changed my outlook, I enjoy sucking cock!