Written by Nancy2

4 Sep 2009

I parked up at 9PM, I wore my short black dress and Silky Red Thongs and I got out and went for a walk in the woods.

It was nice and pleasant in the cool night air as I followed the dark parthway eventually I passed a tree and a man I did'nt know, popped out, and said that I must go with him or I will suffer.

He pushed me through some bushes into a clearing and then said no one can see us so drop them, I said Drop what.

Anyway he removed my thongs dispite my protests and then said Oh your a TV, No I said I am a TS and his reply was, So you know what I want to have and if you are very good at being a girl I might have you regularly.

He then made me lay down on my back and he lifted my legs up high and pushed his very hard Cock into me.

It was a tight fit that the head of his cock hurt not only as it entered but all the way up me, then he was pushing hard into me untill he came deep inside me and rolled off.

He said, as he pulled up his trousers, that I was a lovely tight baby fuck and if I were a real Girl I would be pregnant by now so would I love it again, He knew the answer before he asked it as I could'nt say no to being baby fucked, as I told him, and he left with a see you soon.

I got up and found that I was flooded with cum dripping out of me so I dried myself on some leaves and went home thinking I cant wait for the next time, so any offers??