Written by Michelle_Heart

12 Apr 2014

Oh The Joy! - PART II

I returned to the cubicle to get some wipes and clean myself up. Touching up my make-up I ran through in my head what had happened and I smiled inwardly. What else may lay ahead for the rest of the day? After what had been done to me earlier would be hard to beat, that’s for sure. Still locked into my shoes I gathered my belongings in readiness to leave the gloomy toilet block for the bright sunshine outside.

It was time to depart, my heels clicking sexily on the hard floor. Part of me hoped someone would enter and prevent me from leaving, but it wasn’t to be. The sound of my heels crunching the gravel path seemed so loud due to the stillness of the air and anyone in earshot would certainly take notice. It appeared all was quiet though as I returned to my car to place my things in the boot. Refreshing the contents of my handbag with more lube and condoms, I also grabbed a couple of toys. After all, if a girl can’t find some fun she has to satisfy herself somehow. Locking the car I proceeded to the main path.

I was about halfway across the car park when a gentleman walking his dog appeared from the footpath and walked across the car park to his car. He looked at me, gave a smile and nodded his head as if to say ‘good day’. I smiled back and tilted my head in response. I carried on to the pathway and continued my walk. It was fortunate for me, given the shoes I am wearing, that the main path is tarmac. Anything else may have been a challenge. After one hundred yards the path crosses a big open space, almost like a small valley, around which are several benches. Deciding to go and sit down I headed for the furthest bench, which is about thirty yards from the path.

Smoothing my skirt under me I sit down and start to relax and enjoy the warm sunshine. Closing my eyes I started to replay in my mind the recent events in the toilet block. This started to cause a stirring in my knickers which I fought to control. It had only been a short while but I was already in need of some more fun. It could be a while before anything happens, indeed, if anything happens at all. With this in mind and my sexual arousal growing, I decided to use one of my toys.

Placing my hand into my bag I pulled out the first toy I touched. My choice was very pleasing. A butt plug, which can certainly stretch me, not that I needed much stretching after recent events. Six inches in length it is a joy to behold. I looked around pondering if this was a safe place to use it. My wanton lust took over and I decided to go for it. I stood, raised my skirt and pulled my knickers to one side. Placing the plug on the bench and holding it with one hand, I started to lower myself onto it. It started to enter me with more ease than I anticipated but still had to give a firm push to get the widest part inside me. Once in I sat quietly to get accustomed to my friend filling my hole. After a short while I decided to make some adjustments to my plug. After all, it does inflate and best of all, vibrates with some vigour. Squeezing the pump, the plug started to grow inside me. I stopped pumping to get used to the new pressure inside me. Then more pumping and relaxing until it was so big I was sure it wouldn’t come out with ease, certainly not without releasing the air that’s for sure.

Sitting there with my butt well and truly plugged I began to daydream, remembering different stories I had read in magazines over the years. Anyone walking past would have wondered what I was thinking, because I must have had a grin as a big as a Cheshire cat remembering the tales I had read. All of a sudden, one popped into my head that, when I first read it, I wondered what it would be like to try. It was similar to my current situation, except without the plug. Someone sitting on a bench similar to this one. It was made of slats of wood with a bit of space between each one. They pulled their clit between the slats and sat there with it dangling below the seat.

Not being one to miss an opportunity, I decided to try it myself. Still seated I pulled my knickers to one side to release my clit. Placing my helmet over one of the gaps I started to push it in. After getting it through a short length I reached under and started to pull it through as much as possible. It was much tighter than I imagined and took some time and discomfort. Eventually, I don’t know how, I managed to get it right through, with my testicles touching the seat. This was a new experience for me and I have to admit, it was exciting. I sat back, enjoying the new feeling of restriction and with my plug purring gently away, was getting in a state of arousal. In so doing I felt the constraint of the slats trapping my clit. I started to wonder how I would get out of this in a hurry should the need arise. The swelling was so great there was no way I could possibly pull myself free. The very thought sent a moment of fear running through me, but my excitement took over and decided to enjoy this as much as possible.

My enjoyment suddenly turned to fear. An elderly couple walking their dog entered the clearing along the path. They looked in my direction and I wondered if they could see my clit hanging below the seat. It felt like they were staring at me for ages, but was probably only a few seconds, they carried on walking. There was no hint they had noticed anything unusual. My pounding heart began to relax and considered perhaps I should try and release myself as soon as possible. But once again, my excitement took over. I turned up the vibration on my plug and could feel it through the bench as well as in my butt.

Suddenly a dog entered the clearing and seemed familiar. Next, a man followed and realised it was the one I had seen earlier in the car park. He must have been in his late thirties, about five feet eleven inches tall and an athletic figure. Quite a hunk I suppose. The dog was running free and started to head towards me. The dog approached wagging his tail, looked up at me as if to say ‘stroke me’. This I did and the man called out “Sorry love, he gets a bit friendly”. I smiled at the man and hoped he would call his dog. The man did call his dog but it stayed, I stopped stroking him but he just nuzzled closer to me. The tightness of the slats was intense. Bloody hell! How was I going to get out of this?

The man began to walk towards me and a feeling of dread came over me. If he notices what is going on below the bench he will probably call the police and have me arrested. Even with the feeling of fear, I couldn’t control my excitement of the situation.

“Seems he likes you”, said the man as he reached us. “Indeed”, was all I could say in reply. He knelt down on one knee and patted the dog, grabbed his collar and pulled him away. He looked at me with a smile on his face. “Well well, what do we have here? Who’s a naughty girl then?” Panic was setting in and thought my worst fears were about to unfold. What happened next took me by surprise. The man moved his hand under the bench and touched my still rock hard clit. I let out a small moan as the sensation sent a new wave of pleasure through me. He started to caress my rock solid clit and again I let out a small moan. “Mmmm, nice clit you have darling” he said. I let out another moan of pleasure at the feel of his touch and the compliment he had given me. My pre-cum was acting as a lubricant to allow his hand to slide up and down easily. He placed his other hand on the bench to steady himself and he looked at me with widening eyes. He could feel the vibrations from my vibrating plug. “Christ, you are a dirty slut”. His eyes looked into mine and I could see the lust within. He saw the control for the plug, took it and started to increase the vibration. His wide grin showed he could see the effect it was having on me and I knew he was now in total control.

He suddenly stopped caressing me and stood up. He was clearly excited, as I saw for the first time the huge bulge in his trousers. “Take it out slut”, he ordered. Being in no position to decline, not that I wanted too anyway, I undid his belt and flies. His own pre-cum was seeping through his pants. Unable to resist I pulled his cock out and I was pleased with what I saw. At least six inches of pure hardness, a cut helmet and so fat I couldn’t get my fingers all the way round it. I began to lick his helmet and run my tongue up and down his shaft. It was now his turn to let out a moan of pleasure. His placed his hands either side of my head and ordered me to take him in my mouth. ‘No persuasion required there’, I thought to myself. I let him enter my mouth and slowly took his length. His grip on my head tightened and he started to thrust in and out. His moans got a little louder and I wondered if anyone could hear us, let alone see us. From where I was I couldn’t see anything anyway and didn’t much care at that moment in time.

So deeply involved in my own pleasure and trying to pleasure my new friend I soon forgot where I was. A new wave of pleasure swept through me and, with my mouth still full with the fat cock, my plug vibrating on its highest setting, I let out a loud moan. But for the cock it would have almost been a scream.

I felt the cock in my mouth start to pulsate, a sure sign it was about to explode, as indeed was I. Bloody hell! And explode it did. I tried to swallow as quick as I could but to no avail. Cum started to ooze out of the sides of my mouth. “Christ, what a blow job, best I’ve ever had”, said the man. The cock was pulled from my mouth and I was saddened by the empty feeling. The man tucked himself away and fastened his trousers. He grabbed the dogs’ collar and pulled him away. They left me sitting there, the remains of of his cum dripping down my chin and my tongue licking the cum from around my lips. As he left he turned and said, “Thanks luv, hope to see you again sometime”. The thought put a smile on my face and wondered what else he and I could get up to. I sat there exhausted, gathering my thoughts. My clit started to soften and was soon able to release it from its prison. I turned off the plug and adjusted myself to hide any evidence of my maleness. As earlier, I proceeded to clean myself and touched up my lippy. I continued to sit there taking in the warm sunshine and recovering from the recent frantic few minutes. Closing my eyes I started to replay todays’ events causing a nice warm inner glow. It was only about lunchtime and I had taken more cock today than in the previous two weeks.

The quiet was broken when I thought I heard a rustling from some nearby bushes. I looked in the direction of the sound and was sure I saw some movement. There was a track which had been created by people venturing off into the bushes, usually for a little fun. I knew it well as I had used it before on a few occasions. It led to a small slightly overgrown clearing that, at one time, must have been a main part of the park but had become neglected and forgotten. It made for a nice secluded spot for people who wanted some outdoor fun. The fun I had just enjoyed was usually kept for such a place as this, but the fact it had been more exposed probably added to the excitement I had just experienced.

I stood up and headed towards where I thought I had seen the movement, the entrance to the track. On reaching the entrance, I peered into the bushes and was taken aback by the sight before me. There, on her knees was a woman giving a man a blow job. She was really going to town on his cock, slurping and sucking with vigour. The man saw me and instead of being in shock, just smiled at me. It was then I realised I had seen this couple before. It was the elderly couple walking their dog earlier on, they were at the very least in their late sixties. I was flabbergasted and stood there taking in the sight before me.

Was another chapter in today’s events about to unfold? I had no idea at that point as to what would develop.