Written by leggy_slut

18 May 2013

I had pre arranged an outdoor

meet in the Malvern hills near a well known dogging site near the "british

camp", the exact spot was a toilet block down some steps opposite the malvern

hills hotel. We had agreed to a quick meet, where he had the sole intention of

fucking my mouth.

I turned up slightly late and saw the chaps car was already there. I had never

been here before so we had agreed I would dress up but wear normal clothes over

top and strip off when off the road, down some steps and behind the toilets. As

it happened it was a very quiet spot so I stripped off in my van, turned on the

interior light and applied some more lippy before slipping on my high heels. I

hopped out the van, and with cock straining against my minidress, trotted past

the waiting car and down the steps around the back of the toilet block. My high

heels were making a hell of a racket on the concrete path!

Once behind the toilets a big security light was turned on which supprised me

a bit, so i moved a few yards down and waited in some nearby trees/bushes. I

heard the guys car door open and he walked down behind the toilets, illuminated

by the security light. I slipped out from cover and he beckoned me over. Without

saying a word he pointed to the floor under the light. I walked over dropped to

my knees and hitched up my minidress to reveal my 8 strap suspender belt,

stockings and raging hard cock. He smiled, undone his trousers and revealed his

lovely big 8 inch hard cock. He then proceded to grab the back of my head and

force his dick deep into my mouth, making me gag straight away, but showing no

mercy. he then spent the next 5 minutes roughly pumping balls deep into my mouth

and down my throat, often firmly holding my head as he pulsed his cock and I

gagged. I was in heaven!!

I could tell he wasnt going to last long and sure enough he soon withdrew his

cock and anounced that "im going to cum over your face you filthy slut" before

shooting several long thick creamy jets of cum all over my face (including up my

nose and in my eye!). I licked his cock clean like a good girl before he swiftly

pulled up his trousers, said "thanks sweetheart" and walked back to his car. I

was left there squatted down, in the blazing security light for anyone to see

with strangers cum covering my entire face and dripping off my chin and nose.

I heard his car drive off and decided I had better leave. I quickly walked up

the steps and concrete ramp, my high heels clicking in the still night, still

covered in the strangers cum. I jumped into the van, licked up some of the cum

that I had wiped of my face with my hands before driving off. I felt such a

cheap slut. And I loved it!