Written by Panty Boy

26 Jun 2008

Well where do I start, this is a true story of my particular fetish and the fun I have started to have.As I write this story I am wearing my wifes red lace see thru panties and my cock is a rock.I have always had a fetish for panties and secretly indulged over the years by wearing panties raided from my ex girlfriends draw when she was not at home, when we split and I met my future wife, I managed to keep the same secret going.My wife loves to wear matcing undies and has a vast collection always looking extremely sexy, this has stoked my passion even more and she always wears things to please us both in the bedroom.As time has gone on she has given me a few pairs of her knickers when she has updated her collection and I have these stashed away and I use them for fun when she is not around.I am not sure whether she nows that I wear them or just use them for fun, but recently when she has not been up for a full session of play , I have asked her if I can have some of her panties for me to masturbate into, she replied help yourself ! Taking this as the green light I can now take whatever pair of panties from her vast collection and have fun in my own way , sometimes with her beside me ! I have told her of my fantasy of her dressing me up in her stockings suspenders and panties while being dominated in the bedroom and takin some pictures, but thats still to come to life yet, still I am sure its only a matter of time though, I feel comfortable that she shares my secret, I have no desire to go any further than my panty fetish, but it is great to share it with her and have fun together.