Written by Phil231

8 Oct 2011

This is a true story that happened a few weeks ago.

I’ve always adored sexy lingerie and have recently started wearing my wife’s panties, stockings and suspenders.

I joined SH and eventually plucked up the courage to arrange a meet with someone who had similar tastes. I contacted Alex (name changed) and we arranged a meet after negotiating our likes and limits. We live fairly near each other in Yorkshire.

I drove to his house and as I got out of the car my heart was pounding with anticipation.

He opened the door and in I went. We were both wearing ordinary clothes, but at that stage we each didn’t know the other had their sexy undies hidden underneath.

As we chatted over a cup of coffee we were at ease straight away. We were both easy going and not pushy, we enjoyed similar things. What I particularly liked was that we both agreed we could trust each other so that meant no condoms were needed. He didn’t want anal fucking, but apart from that anything goes. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

We went upstairs and both undressed, revealing that we each wore sexy undies. He was wearing a black leather effect basque, dark seamed stockings and black, lacy see through panties. The stockings had a little sexy pink bow at the top of each seam – a really sexy feminine touch. Even though he wasn’t particularly good looking (to be honest neither am I) the sight was really sexy. I was wearing a six strap suspender belt, fishnet stockings and lacy panties. All were in black and all were my wife’s.

We started off by fondling each other’s cocks through the panties and then we kissed. As we got more passionate and felt around our balls, cocks and arses the panties didn’t last long and were soon taken off. As we got into a 69 position and sucked each other’s cocks I found his bell end was squidgy and by manoeuvring my tongue I could just about get my tongue into the entrance to his piss hole. I loved the feel of his hot breath on my dick.

We continued to feel, suck, wank, fondle and get ourselves turned on for what seemed like ages. Then we were ready to come. I asked if he’d like to come in my mouth, so I could taste my first spunk. He readily agreed.

I lay propped up on the pillows at the head of the bed, he leaned against the wall with both hands and pushed his cock forward into my mouth. We’re both cut, so I clamped my lips around his bell end and pushed my tongue as far as I could into his piss hole. With one hand I wanked his dick into my mouth, my tongue working on his hole, my lips around his bell end. The other hand ran lightly up and down his seams, around his crack, down to his balls, anywhere that I could increase his pleasure.

After a very short time he started to grunt. It was deep and manly and so sexy. He took over the wanking into my mouth and I was now fondling him with two hands. Then his cock started to twitch in my mouth. I knew he was close to coming. I knew I was about to receive my first spunk in my mouth. I felt like a slut, it was delicious. In preparation I withdrew my tongue from his slit and pushed it back to cover my throat so that I wouldn’t gag

Suddenly he groaned and with that shot his first load of spunk into my mouth. Fantastic. It was warm and tasted of nothing really, but it was thick and creamy. In the throes of passion his cock slipped out of my mouth so the subsequent globs landed on my chin, up my nose and around my mouth. Wherever they landed, I tried to lap them up with my tongue. He finished and I cleaned up any spunk I couldn’t swallow.

Now it was my turn! We arranged what to do to maximise my pleasure. I wanted to come over his cock and have my arse fingered.

He turned on the DVD and lay on his back on the bed with his head on the pillow. I kneeled over him with my arse facing his face and my dick above his belly button. I propped myself up with one hand and wanked with the other. The TV was on a cupboard at the end of the bed so I could see the action, which was a DVD of a lucky guy having sex with two babes.

As arranged, Alex pushed one, then two, then three fingers into my well lubed arse. This was wonderful.

Because I was already so turned on I was very quickly close to coming. Don’t you just love it when you’re about to come and a good bit happens on the porn you’re watching. This happened to me. On the screen, one girl was sucking the guy’s dick when the other one went around and started to lick his arsehole. Well, I was so sexed up already, with the taste of spunk in my mouth, wearing sexy undies, seeing the stockinged legs and cock and balls of a man beneath me, and then seeing an arse being licked on the screen just pushed me over and I came and came and came. All over his cock and his balls, as I’d planned.

After that we got cleaned up, had another sup of coffee and said we’d repeat this in the future.