Written by howie67

26 Apr 2014

I was going down to Plymouth for work and a bit of a social with friends so as always put ads on the usual websites and trawled about inviting people to come and have sex.

I’ve not got a big cock and still like to have sex so have been offering my arse to men and have become a bit of a sub bottom. I have been called a small cocked bitch and a cumslut and found that I actually quite like it. I’ve also been a panty wearer for years.

A guy got back to me and said that he would like to come to my hotel down the Barbican and fuck me – he said he didn’t do the crossdressing thing, but if I wanted to I could carry on and he wouldn’t mind.

I douched my arse and used a dildo on myself, made sure my cock and balls were shaved smooth and then had a shower. I usually go for a basque and stockings with split crutch panties but just went for a pair of black seamed fishnet holdups and purple lace string instead.

He texted me to say he was on his way. I was looking at swinging sites on the web whilst waiting when he knocked on the door. I opened it and invited him in – just in my stockings and panties. He came in and started to take his shirt off as he flicked off his footwear. I did as expected and got on my knees and un-did his trousers, slipping them to the floor. He had on a pair of tight skimpy briefs with a nice bulge. I put my hands on his arse cheeks – he was wearing a thong – I love them and guys who wear them!!

I nibbled at his cock through his pants and could see and feel it getting harder. I had asked him to take photos of me and he had picked up my camera and started snapping already. I placed my fingers in the waistband of his pants and pulled them down letting his cock spring free. His underwear was flicked to the side as I got on with taking him in my mouth. I took his cock straight in and worked my tongue around his bell end and moved my mouth up and down him.

I kept my right hand on the base of his cock, took a second to lick my left index finger and pushed through his thighs and up his bum crack. He parted his feet so I could get better access, found his arse hole, played with it before slowly inserting a finger. He was groaning a little. I’m not the worlds best, but try to do to people what I like having done to myself.

I’d asked him to say when he wanted me to stop and bend over for a fuck and this he did. I climbed onto the bed, spread my knees apart to give him wide doggy style access. I don’t like to ride, but want to be rode!

He put some more lube up me. He took one photo of him with his cock at my entrance and then a few as he pushed into me. He then pulled out tossed the camera to one side and then fucked me. He had asked if he could bare back me and being the bitch that I am had said yes. He started slow, got his rhythm going and just carried on fucking me. I had said he could go at whatever speed he wanted, just use my arse.

I’d also given him a choice of where to dump his spunk – in me or on me! He pulled out and told me to go into the bathroom and get in the bath. I knew which he had chosen. He quickly wiped his cock, got in the bath and pushed it in my mouth again. I sucked him but not for long. He pushed my head back and wanked quickly, spunking a healthy amount of cum all over my face. I had my mouth open but most of it went up over my eyes and on my nose. He slapped his cock on my face a few times as he started to go limp and I took it back in my mouth for a few more sucks. He then pulled out, pushed my head back again and started to piss on my face, washing all his cum off. I opened my mouth a bit and he also aimed some into me. I didn’t drink it all but did have a quick taste. During his piss game he was taking more photos. I was completely sub. I was wanking hard and spunked quickly.

After we had both finished we turned the shower on and I soaped him all over. Head to toe paying a lot of attention to his arse crack and cock and balls.

After he had dried and left, I put the photos and my laptop and had another great wank.