Written by Confirmed Bi

17 Jun 2009

During the recent good weather, i decided to go into Exeter for a wander around the shops, I wasn\'t particularly horny, but I never say never.

Whilst i was in Debenhams I saw a guy who looked to be in his 20\'s nicking some lingerie and putting it in his backpack, intrigued, I followed him and watched him take a few packs of stockings and do the same with them, I was amazed at his nerve.

He didn\'t rush out, but walked around for a while then casually left the store, I was about 10 metres behind him as he walked away.

I don\'t know why I was following him, but my interest was very aroused. He seemed to know where he was heading as he left the shopping area and set off at a good pace. After walking for about 15 mins, he went into some mens toilets, nervously, I went in after him and saw him go into a cubicle and lock the door, I went into the next cubicle and pulled my jeans and pants down then sat on the loo.

I could hear him opening the packets and spotted a few peep holes in the wall, I looked through one and gasped, he was naked and I could see his big shaved cock as he pulled on some lacy,red panties, a pair of black, lace top hold-up stockings were next, his smooth legs looked great in them.

My cock hardened as he began playing with his cock through the panties, my God, he was well endowed, even bigger than my own 8 inch cock. Suddenly he spoke and I jumped, he said \"do you like the view\"? I whispered \"yes\". \"Come in here then\" he replied.

I went out of my cubicle and tapped on his door which he opened and I squeezed in, I sat down on the loo as he locked the door. He turned to face me and I kissed his bulging cock through the panties, without a word he pulled them down and pushed his cock into my mouth. I was wanking my cock as I sucked him, suddenly even hornier as he took out some poppers and held them to my nose. I sniffed deeply several times, enjoying the sexy rush as they took effect, he turned around and bent over and I tongued his ass deeply.

He let me tongue him for a while then told me to fuck him, i said I didn\'t have a condom but he said just fuck me. I stood up and held his slim hips and slowly pushed my cock into his tight hole, it felt so good. I fucked him slowly, letting the pleasure build, but was too turned on to last for long, he began shoving himself back onto me and I speeded up, pounding his ass, with a groan, I came, spurting my cum deep inside him. As I came, he shuddered and I saw his cum splattering on the tiled floor.

I sat back down to recover as he put his clothes on over the undies, he smiled and said thank you, then gave me the bottle of poppers before he left. I sat back on the loo feeling so good, my cock was still semi hard and I sniffed some more poppers as I idly played with it.

I stiffened as I heard a noise, then realised someone else had gone into the next cubicle, probably whilst I was fucking the guy, a pen and paper were pushed under the partition, I read the note, it said \" that was a great show, do you want more fun\"? I looked through a hole and saw a guy in his late teens wanking, I wrote back \"yes\".

I will let you know what happened if you like the first story.