Written by Emma

31 May 2012

Im a 19 yr old lass that people mighgt think is fucking weird.If my mates only knew that Im fuckin turned on by reading about and seeing blokes in girls knickers.Iknew that blokes wanked more often than girls did,I think,,but i did,nt know that some did it while wearing girls knickers,the thought turns me on.Ive gone on a site where they have shemales,boys who wear girls undies are shaved smooth like girls do, but then they have lovely cocks which they wank off or fuck other blokes with.

Id love to be a bloke,id love to have a cock,when I see what they can do with there cock putting my fingers in my cunt and wanking myself seems so fucking inadaquate.

It must be fuckin great to feel your cock inside somebody else,in a cunt or in an arsehole,just the way they can use there hips to push there cock in and out and then ''spunking'',that word alone is a complete fuckin turn on for me ''spunking''it must be fuckin brill to feel your spunk shooting.

If I a cock Id never stop wanting to have it sucked,they say that blokes can only spunk off so many times not like a girl who can go on spunking but if I had a cock Id want it to be wanked loads of times every day.