Written by Kiminhose

29 Jan 2018

My ex took great pleasure in making me put on sheer tan pantyhose...pink frilly sissy panties before applying my favourite coral lipstick to my luscious lips....she would then laugh as my little sissy cock grew to its full pathetic size under the sheer nylon...l would soon get very wet as she started with the verbal insults....usually " you pathetic sissy with a little chip " then would come the spanking with one of my pink mules slippers...over her knee..she would take great pleasure in making my cheeks red...also she would remind me that her fancy man has a big cock which she loves...especially from behind....all the time calling me a small dicked sissy queer...l then start blubbering " lm not a sissy " etc she shouts back hitting my sissy bum harder " you are a sissy with a little sissy cock " she loves to tell me her man gives her a good seeing to with his lovely big nob....this is were l usually come in my tights as l imagine watching them together and getting to suck his lovely big cock.....this is a very true story....in the end it turned into reality as she left me for a big cocked guy.....he use to tx me asking if l was wearing my panties and tights and calling me little Dick.