12 Feb 2019

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Of course l objected, no chance l said only sissys wear pantys and nylons !! You are a sissy she shouted back at me, with a little pathetic cock !!

l pretended to sob as l pulled the girdle up around my waist and attaching all six suspenders to the lush nylon tops, my little stiffy showing how much l was loving it but still pretending to sob as she called me names. l pulled my sissy pantys up easily covering my wee stiffy, then put my bra on and tied the scarfe around my neck, oh what a lovely looking sissy faggot you look and came over and put my fav perfumed coral lippy on my big sissy lips.

She made me sit in the corner of the sofa and she laid down with her stocking feet on the top of my left leg, she had brought Big Boy vibrator with her and started to rub on her clit through her pantys, she was soon groaning as she pulled her pantys down a bit and started running it all over her pussy and teasing me by putting a bit of it in her wet hole.....ooooh Big boy she said as she started to put all of it inside her eager pussy, my sissy pantys were now wet through as my little cock was fully erect and leaking so much pre cum, " you love Big boy don`t you love ? hes a lot Bigger and Better than me " oh yes she said your only little sissy......she began to go mad with him as l encouraged her " go on Big Boy fuck her nice and hard " l said, god was l pulling my little stiffy as fucked herself silly, little did l know at the time that she was definetly thinking of her fancy man Ron, Big Ron with his Massive cock in her fucking her good and proper...she was moaning very noisily as she started to come....l started to cum all over my hand and pantys, she ordered me to lick it all off.

l just wish she`d have brought him home and we could have shared his Big lovely Cock, l could have sucked him hard before he give her a good seeing to !!!