Written by sluttycdvikki

23 Aug 2010

my master / admirer contated me by email to tell me he was coming over that evening at 7pm, and gave me a list of things i had to have in place for his arival. the usual stuff, plus my laptop set up and logged into a web cam room with cam running, and a lot of newspaper to cover his fetish for the stuff.

I was dressed as instruced full make up, blonde wig 5 inch heels, hold ups thong and basque and a pinfore dress made from newspaper with page 3 girls all over it. he arried and made his way upstairs. before u come in vikki go and get the stff i have left on your doorstep. I went downstairs and opedned the front door ver slightly to see amassive pile of newspapers on the ep quick as i could i got them then came in and locked the front door, hoping no one had seen.

I came back upstairs and into the room. good he said now stand with your legs apart andbend over from the waist so i can take a good look at you. i did as told and waited whilst he stroked my thighs and felt my tight ass.ok now stand up and u have 2 mins to cover this floor with newspaper slut he told me. i managed the task. now he said i have told the hwole chat room u willbe giving a good show so start with alittle twirl in your slutts dress. i di as instructed but stopped after a couple of twirls. who tole u to stop he said i said sorry but to no avail bhe sat on a hard chair and told me to get over his knee. a series of 10 hard quick spanks were given then h told me to get up as i was an ungrateful slut. i had not thanked him for the spanking. ben over and hold you r ankles he told me. this time thank me. i got another 10 and thanked him at the end. will u never learn he asked, u should thank for each one. then i was given anther ten and i thanked him for each one. he thought for a momement and decided i still needed to learn. he told me to pull the newspaper poncho over my head that i had made for him and to kneel infornt of him. then he told me to get his cock out and if the papers get wet there will be more punishment. then he made me post on the cam room begging for him to piss on me. i got loads of encouragement from guys in the room to take his piss. he then told me to make a newspaper funnel and old it in my mouth with one hand. with the other hand to hold his cock into the top of the funnel. i did as i was told and he pissed into the funnel. i managed to drink most but spat some back out that dribble onto the papers. he was fuious i was pulled ot my feet and bent over the chair. the piss soaked funnel was used as a gag and he then told me to take the belt of his trousers and hand him it. i hesiated and he repeated the order. he took the belt folded it in half and proceeded to give me 20 hard spas with it. my ass was on fire. i moaned and squeelled, he told ne had heard no mumbed thank yous so gave me another 10. i managed ot mumble a thanks as the tears rolled down my face, good he said, then he took the gag out my mouth and replaced it with his cock. he face fucked me for about 10 mins on the cam, giving a short breather if i gagged then ramming it back in, i was a mess of slaiva and pre cum when he held my head tight and said he was going ot cum i though he was come in mu mouth but he pulled out and shot all over my face at the last momement.

good slut now stay there while i recover and plug u and use u some more. i was left kneeling with cum all over my face for a few minutes then he was ready for more

let me know if u want to know what happened....