Written by SluttyDanni

21 Aug 2007

Hi everyone. I'm a young tgirl. I'm 27 and have a slim toned body, I am always fully shaven and love to dress in tarty street styles like knee high boots and tight leather trousers or the tiniest skirts I can squeeze my tush into. I am beautiful and could easily model, some women don't let me go with their boyfriends cos they say I am too fit!!!! Anyway,this is a true story.. I love gangbangs, just can't get enough and love nothing more than getting all dressed up like a little porno slut and getting picked up and taken to some of my favourite spots for some dogging...

One of my regulars Dave had organised something special for me as a surprise and I got dressed for him as instructed. Heavy tarty makeup and a short skirt, white knee high boots and a crop top showing off my toned belly and of course freshly shaven legs! I left my house and walked up the road smoking a cigarette waiting for Dave to pick me up. When he did we headed to a local spot in Reading and when we got there I got out and strutted around for Dave flashing my legs and bum for him. Before long I was bent over sucking him off whilst I fingered my arse and it wasn't long before I felt other hands on me.

Dave told me to bend over the picnic table and as I did, another cock was slipped into my mouth as dave slowly peeled down my panties and started to fuck me. It wasn't long before the cock in my mouth twitched and i swallowed all the cum down, then dave pulled out of my arse and made me suck his cock. As I did, he made me straddle another hard cock as a new guy was leaning on the table and i was pushing back onto him. he groped me hard and called me a slag as he pumped into me like an animal then he pulled out and wanked all over my arse. I loved it and begged for more so another guy came out of the dusk and i started to suck him then he put me on my back on the table raised my legs onto his shoulders and fucked me, softly at first then harder and harder until i was screaming for him to cum inside me. Dave called me a slag and the guy groaned and shot a huge load into my slutty ass, then he pulled out his cock and made me lick it clean. As I did Dave got three fingers into my arse and scooped out the cum and fed it to me, I swallowed it all because I knew it would turm him on and he'd give me a good fuck over the bonnet of his beemer!!!!

The guys slowly left until it was just me and dave smoking fags...He kissed me and stroked my cock and said he had a present in the car. We went back and he pulled the biggest dildo i'd ever seen out..He told me to bend over the bonnet and he lubed it up. I really had to grip onto that car and push back as he slowly started to bugger me with that monster but before long it was hammering into me and I was feelin the slag again so i started to wank his cock and before long it was again deep inside me, giving me the hardest seeing to of the night. he fucked me hard then turned me onto my back and held my legs in the air until he fucked me till he came in my arse and I came pumping my own cum all over my belly. I scooped it up and swallowed it as Dave pushed my panties into my arsehole to stop the spunk leaking out...we kissed again and had a cigarrette before dave drove me home. thanks dave!! xxxx

I am always on the lookout for guys, tv's, couples, groups so would love to hear from you!!! xx