Written by natathome1975

10 Jul 2009


there I was driving along on my way to work in harlow listning to the stereo and watching for the occasional trafic cop and thier little trafic calming measure that they point at your car. There was a car with a puncture (itwas leaning to one side) at the side of the road just ahead of me, as i stopped to enquire and perhaps offer some assistance the lady stayed in the car with the window up high enough but just down enough to speak out of, she mentioned that she had a puncture and her jack was not where it should be and can only assume that her pertner had taken it from her car and not replaced it.

as i drive a distance from work and at that time money was an issue I tended to have a few more spares than normally including my pump up two ton jack, so I asked if I could perhaps help mentioning that if I gave her my mobile to call for help if she does not trust me doing it, she accepted the mobile and the help and I started to fix the wheel.

as I was doing so she asked me why I had stopped and I mentioned that I too had broken down a few times and others have stopped for me and thats why i stopped also that as money was an issue with me and could not afford the AA or RAC I tended to have a lot of spares.

The lady was showing a lot of leg in her short dress but then she said thank you but would you still have stopped if I knew she was a transexual, and as I had butterfies in my stomach and started to stammer as I could not get the proper words out through excitement, I managed to say that I loved lingerie and stockings on me, as she was miles from where i lived and did not know me from adam I felt I could tell her.

the lady called herself ann and asked how she could repay me, after a thought which lasted a mere two seconds I mentioned that I would love to as I work down here on a regular basis and if she didnot live to far from the main road perhaps we could have a relationship going when she is not doing anything that is. well after I fixed the wheel she asked me back to hers which was 5 miles up the A140 and her male partner was at work and she would give me some thing to remember. at her place I got the pleasure of seeing her without the dress on and her 6" clit encased in her knickers but she gave me a BJ for my troubles and a grop at her lovely legs and a promise that we shall have more next time as the clock was against us with me going to work and her partner due home in an hour from then. nat xx