Written by needitbad

12 Jul 2010

I've been dressing for a while and had had a few meets at guys houses, where we've dressed and had some sucking fun. I'm currently at home and was on line just looking when i got chatting to a guy who said he was going to be in my area the following day and could he come to my house. Well i was nervous but hadn't had a cock inmy mough for ages so i agreed!

The following day he sent me a text to say he would be there within the hour, nervous a s heel but so excited i dashed upstairs and slipped into my red lacy satin knickers & bra, put on a red mini skirt, black flowery blouse, blonde wig and make up, finally putting on my 3" heels, i felt so sexy and nervous, now i had to wait!!

I sneaked into my garden and had a cig to calm my nerves and then he arrived! He walked in and said i looked very sexy. He went upstairs and came back down a couple of mins later naked, a huge cock in his hand,wow i thought that looks fantastic!

He made me get on my knees and start to suck his hard cock and lick his balls while he called me a cock sucking slut.

My cock had started to get hard and i was playing with myself while sucking him off, and it wasn't long before i could sense he was about to cum.He was calling me all sorts of names, slut, whore, dirty bitch, all of which i found made me feel horny, and then he exploded into my mouth, holding the back of my head to make sure i swallowed all of his cum, tasted fantastic.

He then made me wank myself until i came in my hand and i then had to swallow all of my cum as well.

Typical man he then dressed and left me with cum dribbling from my mouth!

I then went and had another cig in the garden before coming back in and cleaning myself up.

Can't wait until he's in the area again!