Written by Nomad_rachael

13 Feb 2009

Whilst driving home one Sunday evening after a weekend away in our motorhome, my wife and I pulled into a lay by to make a cuppa. As we sat there we became aware of a lot of activity and one guy in particular kept walking past and looking in. I realised that I had found a likely place to get some action.

Well my wife either loathes, tolerates or encourages my cross dressing, depending on her mood so I only recount my TV adventures to her when she is randy and talking dirty herself. Over the years we have often had sex outdoors, which is another story, but I am grooming her to the stage where she might like to join me in one of my exploits.

So now I had to have the opportunity to return there as Rachael for some fun. As luck would have it, a month or so later my job changed so I was having to travel away from the office more often. So I found myself able to make early evening visits to the lay-by. Changing in the car was awkward, but I thought it would be worth the effort. Nothing happened on my first three or four visits, perhaps it was because I never ventured down the slope beyond the grass. Then one evening I was travelling back much later than usual after flying into Gatwick from a business trip. Rachael always went with me on such trips to keep me amused in my hotel room or even out on the streets of foreign cities. I pulled into the lay-by after 11pm. There were very few cars around. I got out wearing black boots with 3” heels, tight black mini, black fishnet stockings and suspenders, white blouse with black bra - really tarty - and a black wig.

I walked along the car park and down the steps to behind the building. I waited a while but nobody was about so I walked up the slope passing a young guy on the way. We exchanged glances and I slowed my pace to look around to see if he was just there to take a leak. He went just around behind the building staying partly in view. I stopped and watched him. He was not having a pee so I walked back down the slope. He saw me coming back and took out his cock and played with it as I approached.

I had been waiting a long time for this moment and without so much as a by your leave or uttering a word, I undid his top button to release his cock completely and immediately crouched down and started to suck him off. I put my hands inside his trousers and grabbed his buttocks and pulled him closer to get more of his ample cock in my mouth. He held my head as I moved my mouth back and forth over his cock.

I pushed his trousers down a bit so that I could get my hands to his balls and hole. All the time I was taking those long deep thrusts into my mouth, sometime hitting the back of my throat. I moved my hands between grabbing his buttocks and caressing his balls. I only let up the pace on his cock to take a deep breath occasionally and to play my tongue over his bulbous end and to lick off the pre-cum.

I was determined to bring this guy to a climax and take his load in my mouth. I pushed a knuckle against his hole and could feel that he was close to boiling point. I grabbed his buttocks tight and pulled him close. I did not want him to pull out and come over my face, not that it would have been enjoyable. I just wanted cum in my mouth. Then before I knew it a jet of cum hit the back of my mouth and slid down my throat. It tasted great and I just carried on sucking and sucking as more cum poured into my mouth. I savoured the sweet taste and creamy texture before swallowing. I did not release his cock from my mouth until I had sucked and licked every last bit of that gorgeous cum from his prick. His cock started to become limp in my mouth so with just his glans between my lips I took hold of his rod in my hand for the first time and started to wank him off into my mouth. He responded and became hard again. I just kept the tip of his cock between my lips while I gently wanked him. I had not been able to fully appreciate that first jet of cum straight down my throat, so I now wanted him to come all over my tongue.

I was desperate, to say the least, for another mouthful of cum. As I continued to wank him with my right hand I put my left hand between his buttocks and felt around his arsehole. I took his cock from my lips for a moment and spat on the fingers of my left hand before taking his cock between my lips again. I felt between his buttocks and pushed my middle finger against the outer edge of his bum hole. A little harder and I had passed the outer rim. The guy made no attempt to stop me and continued to groan with pleasure as I wanked and sucked him.

So I introduced my index finger into the outer rim and wiggled both fingers against his inner barrier. I could feel his juices running down my fingers. I started to wank him more frantically and then thrust my fingers into his tight, probably virginal arsehole. He let out a cry, pain mixed with ecstasy, and then shot his load all over my tongue. I sort of chewed the spunk before swallowing and then licked his cock clean.

The guy leaned back against the wall as I stood up. I uttered just two words to him, “Thanks mate.” as I walked away with a satisfied smile on my face and a warm feeling in my tummy. He struggled to utter an equally brief “Yeah thanks.” I took one glance back as I turned a corner tosee him still leaning against the wall with trousers almost around his knees and his cock dangling.

As for me, as I sat back in my car I felt my crotch. My knickers were slightly damp from the pre-cum but my balls were still full in readiness for my wife, after all I had been away for 3 nights and she was usually anxious to welcome me home, if you know what I mean.