Written by Alaina

9 Nov 2016

Going Out to my weeklyMens club meeting one late summers evening I donned my white fishnet stockings and white lace panties , and lace suspender belt , all under my smart black trousers and shirt with tie . The meeting was held in a local pub and was a weekly event . No one guessed that I was wearing FEMA attire under my man clothes which really turned me on as i was a habitual cross dresser and had been for some years unbeknown to my wife .

Leaving the meeting I returned to the car in the busy town car park and divested my trousers and shirt replacing then with a black lace shawl and a pair of patent black ladies high heeled shoes .

Finally placing the blond wig on my head and combing it out , some makeup completed the transformation before the earrings and baraclet were in place .

Feeling very sexy now I got out of the back of the car and walked round to the front to open the drivers door just as a couple of young men came walking by and noticed me letting out some shrill wolf whistles , making me feel so very slutty , just the thing I needed .

Turning the ignition key the engine sparked into life and carried mr through the town to a destination some 10 miles away , a layby that I knew saw some By and Gay action at night , even some couples action on rare occasions .

Arriving at the secluded layby there were five or six cars already there and a cople of men walking up and down chatting and smoking .

No one seemed to be taking any notice of me so I got out of the car and joined the parade past the waiting cars , to my disbelief no one took any notice at all. Feeling dissapointed I returned to the car and went home determined to return again soon

Returning the next day during the afternoon I was similarly dressed in all the white lingerie and makeup,and wig and shoe , parking up at the middle of the four cars that were already there line astern I opened the roof just a crack and got out of the drivers seat and into the back passengers seat having first put the passengers seat fully forward to allow more room in the back .

As the side rear windows are smoked glass i was able to lay back and stared to pleasure myself , first rubbing my crotch from the outside of my panties , then venturing just inside the leg , this was really turning me on as there were three men patrolling up anod down trying to see what i was up to , only when they passed the car and then turned around were they able to see in through the the windscreen nod watch me playing with my now errect cock .

Knowing that I had their attention I opened the back door slightly and payed my head back onto the headrest while I continued to stoke my engorged cock slowly and gently.

Sensing the door opening wide I resisted the temptation to open my eyes. , eventually feeling a warm firm hand stroke the inside of my thighs and heard a male voice whisper , you sexy slut .

Allowing my admirer free reign , I laid back over the full seat with my legs now spread wide open and my panties pulled to one side as the stroking hand continued to caress my stiff cock , I now had the attention of a young man who had joined my admirer , fearing this joung mas was unwanted my admirer asked if he should carry on or not

"Yes carry on " I heard myself say so once again the hand returned to my cock , , then a finger probed the opening of mt arse just as the hand on my cock was replaced by a warm pair of lips , eagerly sucking , up and down the full length of my shaft ,opening my eyes I saw the young man had his hand in his shorts and was furiously playing with his own errcet offering , his gaze firmly fixed on the sight of a pair of lips swallowing my cock completely , right down to my balls anod back , he looked momentarily at me , so I winked back at him to,reassure him that it was ok for him to watch or join in if he wanted to .

Very soon a full two fingers were snugly fitted into my arse , while the mouth was still enjoying the taste of rock hard cock , feeling the sap rising I was thrusting up into his mouth and watching the young man removing his cock fro his jeans and wank himself to an explosion of cum all down his shorts and fingers . Feeling sorry for him I offered to suck his penis clean as he opened the other back door and placed the sticky goo covered cock into my now open mouth just as I let my own explosion spurt full force into the mouth of my admirer .

Seeing me cleaning the young mans cock of it own cum my admirer moved to take the place of the young man who by now had retreated and offered me my own cum back which was eagerly taken and swallowed

Then I noticed that the audience had grown to four men watching me being used , a feeling of complete satisfaction flowed over me , before we all returned to our cars and homes

The slut in me was fully sated , looking forward to another visit there next week