Written by Jayneslutcd

10 Aug 2018

It all started a long time ago. My wife and I had started dabbling in straight mmf threesomes. She loved the attention of two guys and I loved seeing her pleasure at the hands of myself and another guy. This was in the days of Contact Magazines so finding someone to meet was always a long drawn out process so these encounters were not overly regular, maybe two or three a year. My wife had never expressed any preference for a particular type but did tend to go for same age or slightly younger and always with nice bodies.

After a few encounters I noticed I was being left out more and more, with her concentrating on the other guy. This eventually led to a row where, in the heat of argument, she dropped the bombshell. She told me they were much better in bed than me! As you can imagine, I was devastated and had no idea how to deal with it. After we calmed down she apologised and said she hadn’t wanted to hurt me. When I asked if what she said was true, she replied “yes” and we talked about the reasons. The main reason was that every man that had fucked her since we had started this adventure had satisfied her far better than I ever had. They were just better, she said, and she had far better orgasms. Despite my hurt I found myself actually getting turned on by this conversation and confused as to why that should happen. Anyway, we agreed to carry on but I would now not take part on the agreement that she would tell me all about it afterwards.

She met two or three guys after the new arrangement and I came to terms with my jealousy and also the fact I got so turned on by her fucking other men without me. She always told me the details and seemed to really enjoy my discomfort, chiding me about there prowess in bed and making sure I knew they were better than me.

Then she met Clayton, and everything changed.