Written by Leatherbasque

8 Sep 2016

Another normal day, but I've got to go to the physiotherapist. It's only a routine appointment, to see what's happening with my shoulder. I've had problems with my feet in the past, which this physio has treated, but they're OK now, nothing to be done with them today.

I arrive at the appointment. Into the office and we chat about my shoulder. I take my shirt off and she starts to manipulate my shoulder, checking what's better and worse than before. She identifies the problems and gives me exercises to address them.

Then just as I'm about to get dressed she says "I'd like to check the range of your leg movements. We haven't checked them for a few months. I want to make sure you're making progress". I panic, I'm wearing pink lace panties. This isn't an appointment for my legs! "Pop your jeans off, you can't do the exercises dressed like that". Shit! "Is there a problem?", "er No" I reply remembering that I must obey requests to undress. I unbutton my jeans and take them off. I'm now dressed in socks and pink lace panties. My physio's face is not one of surprise or shock. She's smiling. "Those are pretty panties". She examines me for a minute. It seems like eternity. "Good, now pop your jeans back on. I didn't want to examine your legs at all, just to check you were wearing panties as your girlfriend told me you would be. Be sure to always wear panties to all your future physiotherapy appointments".

With that I leave and make a very red faced appointment for my next visit.