Written by CD_Macwearer

16 Nov 2009

It was Sunday evening, and i was alone in my rented room. having already dressed myself in femme clothing, which consisted of black glossy Stockings, Suspender Belt, Pleather Mini Dress, and my lovely High heeled Shiny Black knee high Boots.I completed my look with bright RED Lipstick and a shoulder length dark coloured wig.

As the weather had eased, i decided to go for a drive, and visit a place near Oxford that i had been told about, this being a small wooded area that a few people visit.

I put on a mid length Shiny Red PVC Mack and got into my car under the cover of darkness.

Having found the place and driven off the main road, it appeared that only one car was there, so i pulled up and waited in the dark, for what seemed ages.

Eventually, and with a fast beating heart, i decided to step out from my car and walk around for a short while. As the door opened the interior light came on, and i realised i could possibly be seen. I walked a little way from my car, towards the other vehicle, whilst my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Then, just as i was about to turn around and return, a figure appeared from the trees, and politely said Good evening honey.

Stood there was a man, possibly in his late forties, wearing a long Grey semi-transluscent Plastic Mac, and what appeared to be Flat heeled Lace up knee Boots.

After some small talk he them commented how sexy i looked in my Shiny Red PVC mac, ad how he would love to feel it.

Please feel free, i said, and as he approached in the moonlight i could see his hard penis pushing forward through the front of his Plastic mac.

He began to feel my Mac, and i could feel myself becomming erect myself. Then as one hand was feeling my Mac, he began to stroke himself. Let me take care of that for you, i found myself saying, before dropping to my knees and smearing my Red lipstick along his hard length.

I continued to suck away at his cock, with his hands all over my PVC mac, when he suddenly said that he wanted to cum over my Mac, and withdrew to spurt thick cum all down the front of my PVC mac.

I was feeling his plastic Mac all over and was very much aroused and ready to cum myself, but he simply wiped himself on my Mac and turned around to walk to his car.

So if you were the guy in the long Grey Plastic Mac, who left all that thick cum on my Shiny Mac, please be there the woods, because i want to feel more of your Plastic mac, together with having your cum on my Mac and Boots once again.