Written by hannaviolane

20 Aug 2009

NOTE: this happened to me about 2 years ago, all i have done is change the names & dramatised it...slightly ( i.e. lack of condoms being pure fantasy of course) ...enjoy!

Friday night around 7.30pm on a remote country road somewhere just north of the M25 Hanna was thinking ‘so this is finally the night! after all our waiting ,planning and excited online erotic banter, Ian is-at last-going to have his well deserved way with her!

And delighted at the thought she was to, recently she found herself thinking and dreaming more and more about him, his charm his kindness and his overwhelming affection and manly lust for her which she found powerfully enticing! She trusted him completely unlike so many so called admirers out there in internet land..Ian was so different..he was real, honest and above all naughty which is why she was so keen to make this time perfect for him.

They had been planning a hotel meet somewhere discreet and out of the way for some time but at the last minute Ian had e-mailed her with a private address at a house…not his he added, however he assured her it was respectable and she would be perfectly safe so she agreed to dress herself at her home first and drive there as instructed.

“I have a surprise for you that you are going to love!” he wrote! She loved surprises but had no idea what he meant? Of course she had no worries about what it might be as Ian was always sending her presents of clothing and gifts etc. so she was well used to his charming generosity, so happily arranged a rough time she would expect to get there and set about making herself as beautiful and sexy as she could.

She bathed , shaved her soft lean pale arms legs and bum so she was totally smooth and silky to touch checking her bum in the mirror to make sure it looked smooth, pert and sexy, applied her make up with her normal care brushed her shoulder length auburn hair and decided on suitable clothes for the evening.

White satin bra, white satin suspender belt with matching knickers, her trade mark natural glossy hold-up stockings new and straight from the packet.

Pearl necklaces, ankle chain and teardrop earrings.

As the evening was fairly chilly she picked out a pair of black high heeled knee high boots, slipped them on and sought out her black short satin wrap around skirt that finished just below her stocking tops…fastened the catch around her slender waist, and slipped into her white silk tie round blouse which she tied tightly in a sexy knot at the front.

The last task was to carefully apply her dark purple glossy lipstick, and as she was doing so her mind drifted to how she hoped to have his cock between her lips later that night her head was filled with this vision and of looking up at his eyes as he stood masterfully over her with his hands in her hair taking his pleasure in her warm mouth.

She snapped herself out of dream mode suddenly and looked at the clock, ‘time to go’ she thought, looking at herself one last time in the mirror she was pleased with what she saw!

Along with her short swing coat, velvet gloves, sequined handbag and smelling of classy perfume, she looked and smelled sexy, girlie but elegant as well.

And so here she was 2 hours later on this remote road in the dark heading towards her erotic encounter! ‘nearly there she thought…yes there’s the church he mentioned’ she turned into a narrow country lane and pulled in to a large driveway in front of a imposing old country house, not overly pompous but tasteful in its surroundings.

She parked her car, picked up her bag, checked her face one last time in the mirror and stepped out onto the gravel, locked the door and walked nervously towards the front door of the darkened house.

As she walked she noticed Ian’s Ford Explorer parked there also along with a medium sized BMW and a Lexus neither of which she recognised?

A porch light came on brightly as she delicately pressed the door bell and waited…heart pounding in her chest and shaking slightly more from nerves than the cold, she realised also that she was getting wet between the legs in anticipation at the night ahead, yes she could feel herself leaking inside her silky knickers a feeling she adored privately.

She took a deep breath and waited.

A light came on inside and the door opened to reveal a smiling Ian dressed in casual black trousers and a open neck shirt.

“Hanna honey you made it ok” she hugged him tightly without saying anything at first as she was pleased to just be there and not sitting in front of a screen as they both had done for so long.

He closed the door and led her slowly through into the house.

“Ian who’s house is this and what’s this all about she asked him?”

“I have a very nice surprise for you babe” he said..”something you have longed for for some time!”

He led her into the kitchen and offered to take her coat and bag, “wow!” he commented upon seeing how she was dressed.

“Hanna darling you look gorgeous as usual, the surprise is going to adore you honey”

“What on earth are you on about Ian please tell me?” she prompted.

“Ok Ok I’ll tell he said”

He then explained how during a business meeting in London some time back he had become friendly with 2 colleagues from another firm and had known them for about a year previous and they had spent many a long late lunch talking together.

Well like many men, conversations eventually got around to sex and fantasies and the like and it turned out to Ian’s utter shock and surprise that even before he confessed his preference for Tgirls it appeared they had the same overwhelming desire and had both experienced sex with them in the past.

One thing led to another and before long Ian was telling them all about Hanna and how long he had known and wanted her etc.

He then went on to explain to Hanna how they were intrigued by Ian’s story of her and how he described her in minute detail sharing his photo collection of her from his laptop and also telling them of her own fantasy but that he always felt he was alone in his liking for Tgirls so had never considered the prospect of befriending other men with the same interest and so making it come true for her.

After much erotic story telling between them and Ian they suggested it might be wonderful for all concerned if Ian could set up a surprise evening for Hanna and the 3 of them!

“And so a few weeks down the line here we all are!” he said to Hanna who by now was trembling with excitement with butterflies in her tummy like she had never felt before!

“Thank you Ian, You darling!” she said as she flung her arms around him once more.

“It is ok isn’t it?” he said “I mean you do want this? If your insure of them you can change your mind at any time sweety”

“It’s lovely! You know very well I have wanted this for longer than I can remember” she added, “and if you trust them and think I will like them then that’s fine with me!”

“They are very nice, decent guys-good friends of mine to be honest-and yes I do trust them Hanna babes or I wouldn’t have even suggested this, I also think you will like them a lot as they are both quite good looking and keep in shape”

“Are they both dominant like you honey?” she asked.

“Very much so! And they adore submissive little girls like you babe!”

“Do you think you will like having a 4some rather than 3 like you always wanted?” Ian asked her with reservation.

“Ohhh YES! I’m sure I will manage!” she breathed with a glint in her eye.

“Do you think they will like me though?” she asked him

“Hanna I’m not going to answer that darling!” was all he would say.

She felt a warm glow spread through her at the incredible thought of what he was telling her, she felt moist between her legs and trembled with sexual tension.

“Right come on in then and meet them” he said and led her by the arm into the living room.

She followed Ian further into this grand house her heels clicking loudly on the polished wooden floor and her heart hammering away inside her!

Hanna was met by 2 men about the same age as Ian, smartly dressed, handsome and obviously decent respectable guys.

They wolf whistled cheekily at the girl who stood before them, commenting on her long slim legs and her slender shape.

“Ian you devil you didn’t tell us she was this gorgeous!” one of them said.

“What a fit beautiful girl you are Hanna!”

They both kissed her lightly on the side of her face then the 3 of them stood around her waify frame and looked her up and down.

They all towered above as they were all around 6 feet tall making her feel tiny, delicate and girlie in their midst.

“Very nice indeed Hanna love” the other guy added.

They all sat down in armchairs around the room and asked her to walk up and down in her boots slowly so they could see all of her.

She obliged willingly and smiled shyly as she walked.

“We love skinny sexy tgirls like you Hanna” they said

“I’ve admired her for a long time” said Ian “and we have become very close and trusting which is why I think she agreed to come here not knowing what the surprise was” he added.

“Well Hanna honey you have nothing to fear from us, Ian knows us well and we are selective in the girls we decide to meet so rest assured you will have a lot of fun tonight but you will be perfectly safe”.

“Thank you” Hanna whispered still feeling nervous but more from heightened sexual desire than real fear!

They asked her to stand still, legs apart with her hands behind her back, they moved around her and caressed her all over her body..up and down her toned silky legs, groping between them.

For Hanna this was an amazing sensation, hands seemed to be all over her at once she felt wanted, needed, a possession to be used by these men.

They all bent down and kissed her long slender silky legs and particularly the part at the top of her stockings where her bare thighs were visible.

“Mmmmm sheer stockings!” one of them said.

“Yyyyess! I always wear them” Hanna nervously replied.

“Gorgeous!” the other man said “Your legs look amazing!”

2 of them gripped her slender legs and held her there, one of them then held her hands behind her back as they kissed her and groped her with their hands that were free.

They then all stood and towered over her small frame, moving closer.

She was told to bend over so they could look up her skirt at her knickers, and to feel herself with her hands which she obediently did, touching her breasts softly.

The men began to get aroused at the site of this pretty young girl who was willingly giving herself to them for the night ahead, they rubbed their cocks through trousers which by now were bulging at the front….Hanna seductively licked her lips, placed a finger in her immaculate mouth and sucked it in slowly whilst looking at each of them her blue eyes sparkled with sex.

“Ian tells us how much you like sucking cock Hanna?” said one of them.

“Yes I love to!” she replied.

“Well we need to see for ourselves before we go any further!”

The 3 men then pushed Hanna forcefully to her knee’s, surrounded her closely and unzipped their trousers, each producing a rock hard cock pointing at her sexy lipsticked mouth!

She then carefully started to lick and suck each of them slowly and in rotation as she had never had to deal with more than 1 before so wanted to please all 3 men at once.

Hanna did her best as sluttishly as she could to fire their lust for her even more, sucking each cock for a few minutes then moving to the next without pause.

The men all had closed their eyes and were moaning softly, running their hands through her hair, pulling her head closer and whispering her name over and over.

She licked and kissed and sucked them without pause, tasting the wetness and silky feel of these erect cocks in front of her.

If there was a signal then she didn’t notice it as they all stood up together, and looked down on her with sly grins on their faces!

Her lips were now wet and slick with the juices from their cocks, she looked up at them her blue eyes open wide, sparkling with sex.

“We want you now Hanna, we thought we could wait and enjoy watching you model for us but we can’t, so if it is ok with you as Ian has told us how submissive you like to be we think now is the time for us to take control of you!”

Hanna sheepishly nodded a ‘yes’ stood up and they surrounded her once more.

While one held her firmly by the arms Ian and the other guy quickly undid the buttons and the tie on her blouse, pulling it off her slender shoulders and dropping it to the floor.

She now stood in her boots, skirt and bra shaking with apprehension.

They grabbed her between them by her thin arms and legs and carried her out of the room into the hallway and up the stairs, this being no trouble for them as they were all quite stocky and she felt to them like she weighed hardly anything at all.

“We have prepared a special place just for you Hanna we know you will love it!”

Hanna felt like a female sacrifice on her way to the alter and sighed inwardly as she accepted the control they were having over her.

They carried her into one of the bedrooms which was quite dark inside...too dark for her to make out exactly what was in there?

Quickly they rotated her in mid air so she was now facing the floor but was still supported by her arms and legs by the men.

She was placed on a cold soft surface which through the gloom she could vaguely see was a large table about waist high and covered with a leather bound mattress!

She found herself feet on the floor on her front as they pulled her arms quickly out towards the far 2 corners of the table.

Suddenly she realised the men were swiftly binding her wrists to the table legs at each corner with some thick rope! They then did the same to her slender legs spreading them far apart so as to reach the corresponding legs of the table.

She moaned softly… uncontrollably overwhelmed by submissive desire! And couldn’t believe this was finally happening to her, with men she could trust and arranged by the one man she was particularly fond of.

The ropes were pulled tighter, indeed they hurt just a little but this was all part of the fantasy for her and she relished the mild pain they induced.

Her satin skirt was lifted up over her bum onto her lower back, then the hands that did this groped her bottom and legs, she couldn’t tell how many were doing this as they just seemed to be everywhere it was gorgeous!

In this position she was unable to move at all…she waited and listened, feeling like a female feast about to be devoured.

She could hear sounds of clothing being removed and zippers being quickly pulled down and assumed the men were undressing themselves.

The lights were turned up slightly and she felt cold steel near her bum as her soaking knickers were quickly cut free from her by what felt like a knife...she was now shaking and could feel the men’s eyes on her all at once.

“Hanna what have you done to your little knickers?” Ian asked her.

She blushed deeply but was too excited to utter a reply and he cast the flimsy soaking panties onto the floor.

They then paraded around their prize and gloated at her slender form, indeed they were now all naked and sporting huge hard cocks, wet and dripping with precum that leaked in long sticky strands down to the floor.

She watched the men stroking themselves…transfixed by what she saw.

She was brought sharply back to reality by a hard slap on her bare bum! Followed by another, she turned her head as far as she could and caught sight of the men each holding a soft slipper and taking turns to spank her bare bum with obvious relish!

The spanking continued each slap slightly harder than the last, making her bum feel hot and deliciously stinging!

They spanked her like this for some time increasing both the intensity and the frequency of each slap till it started to hurt quite a bit for our Hanna.

“Ahhh! That’s starting to really hurt now” she said.

“What?” “ Did you speak Slut?” one of them said.

“That’s against our rules here Hanna” said Ian “ and you will have to pay the price for breaking those rules I’m afraid!”

“Do you want us to spank you more softly then? Or shall we spank you harder?”

She knew she was blushing now and she submissively whispered “Harder please! Spank me harder!”

“You were right Ian!” said one of them “she is a very dirty little girl!”

And so they obliged her by increasing the intensity of each slap so they sounded loud and sharp in the quite room.

Hanna lay there bound tightly and took her punishment like the slut she was, moaning softly and occasionally a tiny whimper would escape her.

As she was spanked with greater intensity the force of each slap jerked her waify form forward onto the table she was bound to, she gasped every time this happened and closed her eyes in ecstasy.

After some time the spanking eased and then stopped, she was just about to speak when Ian stepped around near to her head, pulled her face up roughly by the hair and without saying anything slipped his stiff wet cock in her moist mouth and preceded to face fuck her while keeping a firm grip on her head!

He let out a long pent up moan of ecstasy as he relentlessly forced his now massive cock in her warm lipsticked mouth!

She bathed in his maleness and enjoyed the taste of his wet cock as he fucked her mouth fully now, a feeling she had waited so long for.

After no more than a few seconds she felt one of the other 2 men behind her, parting her thighs slightly, she tried to move her head around to see what was happening but Ian forcefully kept a firm hold on her hair and made sure she kept her attentions focused on his cock.

Hands touched her bum and parted her cheeks, she felt something cold and wet dripped onto her opening assuming it to be lubricant of some kind. Then the feeling of warm rock hardness against her tight bottom and pressure as a stiff bare cock was pushed eagerly inside her ass….further in till she could feel his balls resting, touching her skin.

Her heart was hammering in her chest as she realised this man had entered her without a condom! Ian sensed the tension in her eyes but spoke out quickly in reassurance saying she need not worry as they were all decent and careful Men ,not part of the gay scene at all so wouldn’t need to wear condoms tonight, he also could see the look on her face change to one of wanton abandonment and knew she would relish the thought of them filling her lithe little body with hot cum!

Even so he asked her “It is what you want isn’t it Hanna, to feel us fill your bum with our hot cum?”

She answered with her eyes again, and it was the answer Ian had hoped for!

“That’s my girl!” he said.

“Fucking beautiful!” said the guy at her ass, “nothing better than a lovely little submissive girl like you Hanna who knows what she wants!”

“We are going to fill your sweet bum with more cum than you have ever seen!” he added.

She let out a muffled moan through her very full mouth as this guy started to fuck her slowly at first but going in deep, pulling all the way out and back in till his balls slapped against her thighs sharply, his cock felt huge but she relaxed and gave herself openly.

This continued with Ian fucking her mouth more forcefully now as his climax was fast approaching, gripping her tightly by the hair calling her filthy names-names she knew deep down she really was- his pace quickened as he moaned that he was close to cumming.

The man fucking her bum powered into her with more urgent thrusts holding her narrow hips and caressing her suspenders and sliky legs as he did so, occasionally he would slap her bottom hard just to show her ‘they’ were in control and she was now theirs for the taking and using!

Meanwhile the other guy patiently stroked his cock waiting his turn, he would now and then rub it across her arms or legs leaving sticky trails of precum on her that glistened in the light, he would touch her and with the others call her a ‘slut’, a ‘cock sucking whore’, a ‘cum drinking tart’ and the like…this all added to Hanna’s own submissive enjoyment as she was lost in a world of sexual euphoria that she had longed to experience for so long, it elevated her higher and higher with each moment giving her a series of mini orgasms with each passing minute.

At last Ian’s climax approached as he cried out her name loudly and held on tight to her head and thrusting forward as his cock erupted a torrent of hot cum deep in her mouth, she gagged slightly at the quantity and Ian thought she was trying to pull away but he was having none of it and kept his cock firmly planted between her wet lips so she had to swallow his sperm submissively savouring the male taste and erotic smell that only cum has!

Not long after the man at her bum was also getting close to orgasm he pumped in and out of her body with vigour, slamming into her small tight ass with lust.

He cried out, grabbed her hips and with one last push and rammed his cock deep into her letting go of his pent up load!

She felt it pump its way into her body filling her with it’s warmth and male potency.

He held on until he had fully finished as did Ian, Hanna just lay on her front, panting and moaning with excitement!

Ian was the first to pull out of her but was immediately replaced by the other guy who by now was desperate and bursting to have his share of this little Tgirl slut whom Ian had provided for them to use!

He lifted her head by the chin and looked at her wet lips dripping with Ian’s thick hot cum she gazed into his eyes and he could see she was lost in a world of her own that these dominant men could only try to understand by helping to bring it to the surface for her allowing her to experience it fully!

She nodded at him as a signal that she wanted more and opened her mouth and stuck out her sticky tongue seductively to allow him to slide in his throbbing cock!

He breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the warmth and wetness engulf him and like Ian before him, held her head firmly and fucked her mouth with determination.

Hanna at this time felt the guy behind pull his cock stickly from her bum and move away exhausted whereupon Ian who had become hard again almost immediately took his place, parted her legs a little more to allow himself room and as she was soaking from the previous guy he slipped in easily letting out a quite moan as he pushed forward until he was touching her legs with his own.

The fucking continued for Hanna for many hours like this, all the time the men kept their control over her by keeping her tied firmly to the table, calling her filthy names and occasionally slapping her bare bum with their hands when she least expected it!

They would fuck her mouth and bum for half hour or so then swap places with each other so she was constantly full at both ends without a moments respite, she felt hot and flushed and her bum was delightfully sore and her mouth felt slick with their juices.

As she was receiving the fucking of her life she would involuntarily pull and tug at the ropes with her arms and flex her fingers in excitement this merely led to the ropes becoming tighter each time making her feel more helpless and overpowered.

They managed to fuck her mouth and ass 3 times each, filling her with more cum each time and pumping it over her pretty face as extra punishment, it ran off her chin and lips and dripped on the floor, some was even in her hair clinging to it like glistening pearls.

Ian’s second climax was especially intense as this was his first time fucking a Tgirl properly and he had no idea it would feel so incredible, his eyes bulged and his legs felt weak as he approached his peak of pleasure, thrusting faster and faster into a Hanna now wet with perspiration, cum and her own lust.

He held on tightly to her hips and cried out again this time pulling out of her at the last second and erupting his seed all over her bum and back, the first blast hitting the back of her hair, hanging there like a thin thread!

Ian’s cum continued to splash down on her like hot sticky rain splattering her satin skirt, suspenders and some even landing on her sheer stockings.

They all collapsed on the bed that was in the corner whilst Hanna lay there in sexual bliss slowly coming down from her own intense mental high that formed her submissive side.

After a few minutes she was untied and they all kissed her lightly telling her how wonderful she was and what a fantastic fuck she had given them.

The group moved downstairs and some drinks were made, the 4 of them talked quietly about Hanna’s particular sexual kink and she felt at ease talking to these men who seemed to understand so much what she needed and of course her Ian who by now knew her so well and exactly what made her feel this way and how to nurture it.

Hanna put her blouse back on and fastened the buttons and tie, she found her coat but smiled with the men when they all realised together that she was without knickers as they had cut them from her earlier….Hanna found this an extra turn on, the thought of going back outside without underwear, especially as she could now feel all the cum they had pumped inside her leaking out of her tortured bum slowly and felt it sliding down her long silky legs making her shiver yet making her feel sluttish as well.

Surprisingly it seemed this fact also turned on the men! Because as she said her goodbyes and thank you’s and gingerly walked out of the house towards her car she noticed the men were following her?

“Did I forget something?” she enquired

“Yes you have slut!” joked Ian, “we all need one last blow job before you are allowed home!”

Hanna gasped in surprise but before she could say or do anything she was picked up by them and placed on her back on the bonnet of the BMW! They each held her arms and legs, her head hanging backwards over the front of the car’s grill.

In this final position they each took their pleasure one last time in her tired and abused mouth, thrusting more urgently as it would take longer to make them cum this time!

Whilst 2 held her down the other would take his turn at her head face fucking her yet again!

Only when all 3 of them had at last cum violently blasting their seed over her pretty features leaving her face splattered with streaks of white cum did they allow her to climb down from the car bonnet, they held her there as she was by now a little unsteady on her feet.

Ian however could not let it end there as he found he needed to feel himself inside her one last time that night so gestured to his 2 friends to push her forward over the bonnet with her feet on the ground, they held her arms apart and jerked her forward over the car, she let out a little gasp whilst Ian forced apart her now shaking legs.

He lifted her coat and skirt and just entered her forcefully there and then quickly and aggressively eager to cum just once more in her delightful body.

Hanna grunted with each relentless thrust from Ian’s cock indeed it was animal like from him and her and she found herself breathing hard, her feminine grunts becoming more intense as did Ian’s own cries of lust.

His friends held her there firmly and they placed her hands on their hardened cocks which they had removed from their trousers and made her wank each of them as Ian fucked her furiously.

He fucked her this last time and eventually his climax approached and he slapped her bare bum hard to encourage her own release.

They could now hear a little series of female like grunts and gasps coming from her mouth in rapid succession as she and Ian approached climax together.

They both cried out in ecstasy there in the cold night air as yet more hot gorgeous cum was pumped into her poor used little body.

At that moment also the other 2 men both came heavily splashing Hanna’s hands with their cum.

Ian and his friends finally declared they were fulfilled! She straightened her clothes and felt renewed warmth from Ian’s cum inside her as it quickly started to leak from her bum making her legs feel wet and slick but she felt gorgeously used! She then licked her hands clean savouring the last few drops of her new admirer’s sperm.

They thanked her once more and made her promise to be their personal fuck slave from now on.

During the drive home she could feel all the cum they had sprayed over her body during the evening, still wet and sticky but cold now, sliding from her bum making her skirt moist and clingy.

She could still feel it on her back and she checked her face in the rear view mirror and stared open mouthed at the slut looking back at her!

Her face was covered in a glossy sheen with dried drips of sperm still hanging from her chin and little pearl drops still caught in her auburn hair!

As she drove she thought about what they had said to her just before they let her go….

They told her she would have to come and visit them whenever Ian wanted her to, at this house so he-and they could do whatever they wished to her, however extreme! Indeed one of the associates of Ian’s said he knew of 2 other men via his work who would jump at the chance of an evening with them with Hanna as the main attraction, and that he would not tell her when, but that it would happen and that he would arrange it with all 5 of them soon!

He added that next time they may want to take her out to the woods nearby strip her, tie her to a tree and use her body at their leisure, he even said he knew of a club that had a dungeon type playroom that could be hired for an evening, complete with chains a rack and various bondage implements including wall shackles where she might find herself strapped to for a more thorough spanking if she failed to please them all!

She was asked if any of this appealed to her? Herself restrained at the mercy of 5 horny dominant men? She blushed at the thought… an answer was not needed as she realised Ian and his friends owned her now and she knew they could make her do whatever they wanted with whoever and that she was powerless to resist therefore had to comply.

But she had whispered a submission, with eyes lowered that all of it appealed and that she would very much like it to happen.

Ian and his friends had been pleased with the little whore he had found for them and they had told her they were pleased this idea appealed to her and that she had no choice in the matter anyway as they had decided it was going to happen! She would simply be told by Ian when to attend and what to wear so would have to experience it!

She made her way home not knowing how soon nor what exactly lay in store for her!

…..to be continued!!!!!

….Hanna x