Written by KENTAYL

30 Oct 2014

Well Tuesday came the next day that Sue works.I had forgotten about what she had said when she was leaving.

I had dressed in my black thong, black waspie and lace top stockings attached with a nice pair of silky black panties over them

Sue looked a stunner she was dressed in red skirt and black blouse with nice high heeled black shoes and make up on.

my face must have been a picture.

lock the door she said and follow me up to your office.

I did as told and got to the office she was sat in my chair looking as sexy as hell

and threw me a brown paper bag open it she said.

I did i got the shock of my life inside was a pair of really nice black panties,I looked shocked what are these I asked.

Put them on you pantie perv she said I don't know what you mean.

She then went to one of my secret staches o lingerie and said what are these then.

I went red faced and looked at the panties she had given me to wear they were worn and full of cum stains just my size.

As I was already dressed I tried to go to the toilet to get changed but she was having none of it she pulled my pants down to reveal me dressed in my panties.

wow I did'nt know you were already dressed for me.

I pulled my panties down and slid the new ones up god they flt good my cock was nearly

exploding in them.

My 1st time dressed in lingerie in front of a woman

She rubbed my cock in the panties it felt amazing.

I then felt her body through the clothes she was wearing I felt her suspenders through the skirt.

well do more she said i undid her blouse and skirt and let them drop to the floor.

she looked amazing stood there in black bra, black open girdle with 6 straps attached to fully fashioned nylons with matching panties under the girdle and stockings.

I felt here panties the were sopping wet

any one want part 3