Written by bluecd

11 Aug 2012

As my SH adverts had stated I went to the Black Swan lay-by this afternoon and I went with one thing on my mind, which was to receive cock into my lubricated man pussy.

The first hour was a dead loss, plenty of sunshine to top up my tan but little action. I was being fairly open and flaunting the fact I was cross dressed, I mean who could mistake the fact that I was wearing women’s shoes and the orange shift I was wearing was very feminine.

I walked towards the car park end of the avenue of trees and as I did so a chap walked into view. As he neared me I recognised him as somebody I had watched as he was shagging one of the 'regulars' who frequent the avenue of trees. So I knew he fucked.

He walked past me without comment; I let him get about 60 metres past and the turned and followed him. As I did so I took my cock out and since I was fairly sure that I was to have my first cock of the day my cock was showing signs of excitement, but it was still covered by my girly shift. The chap had turned around and was heading back towards me; he obviously noticed the 'tent' my excited cock was causing in my girly shift.

I spoke first, asking him what he was interested in, to which he simply replied "shagging".

Being aware that I have a tight pussy I asked him how big he was. He unleashed his manhood; it was about 6 inches semi-hard.

"Would you mind fucking a cross dresser?" I asked

"No problem?" he replied.

At that I took off my trousers revealing my stocking clad legs and the associated suspender belt and said "Good, let’s find somewhere where you can fuck me without being disturbed".

We then headed off to the far end where I knew very few people went.

Once in the clearing in the bushes we lost no time, I re-lubricated my eager hole, he donned the essential condom and proceeded to mount me. It was a struggle at first because he was not really hard and, as I have said, I am very tight. Eventually I felt his cock enter me and he proceeded to ride me. He had a decent girth and it was a beautiful sensation as he got into his stride. Lovely long thrusts with his delightful cock and I loved every single minute.

"Oh fuck" was all I heard him say after about 6 minutes.

He withdrew and apologised for the short session, saying that the sight of my rear, framed by my shift, suspenders and stocking had caused him to be over-excited.

He asked if I wanted sucking off, but I declined telling him that I was going to go looking for another cock to fuck me.

He headed off.

After about half an hour as I was wandering around waiting for more action lo and behold the same gent who had just fucked me appeared on the scene.

I jokingly said "Want second helpings. Was it that good?"

"Yes, you really do look very sexy dressed like that".

Without further ado we headed back to the same place and he proceeded to fuck me, and fuck me and fuck me. I was playing the little girl bit, you know "Please mister be nice to me. Please be gentle with me I'm only a little schoolgirl. Oh that is nice mister, what are you doing to me, I can feel your thingy in me mister, is that nice for you mister."

After about 10 minutes he climaxed and pulled out.

We stood and chatted about when he would be next at the Black Swan lay-by. I asked whether he wanted me to be his 'regular little girl', and he said he would like that.

I asked if he would like me to wear a gym slip, white knotted blouse, white bobby socks and white schoolgirl flannelette knickers. "Sounds nice, but Jesus the gear you have on now is sexy enough". He was stroking my nylon clad legs and fondling my 'clitty' as we spoke. I noticed his cock was again showing signs of standing to attention. I turned my back to him and getting hold of his cock I stroked it up and down my slit, touching the entrance to my man pussy and allowing his cock to linger in that area. "Was it a pack of 3 condoms you had" I asked in my best girly voice. He was now rock hard and his bare cock was probing at my entrance and in it's lubricated condition it would only take the slightest push for him to be barebacking me. "Don’t be naughty, put the third one on" I said quite firmly.

He duly donned the 3rd and last condom, bent me over, entered me without any problem and shagged me again. This session was a good 20 minutes, but he was in need of short breaks. This time he was responding to girly talk, telling me to save my sweet pussy for him, I was now his little girl and only daddy could fuck me. He said he would love to have me on my back and to enter me as he would a woman.

I told him to let me know where and when and he could fuck me all day.

By now he was thrusting his cock as far in me as he could possibly manage and I knew he was about to climax yet again.

See you soon was his parting shot.

By now I was sated and I decided to masturbate, so, still 'dressed' I did something that really amazed me, I walked back along the path a stood masturbating in full view of another young man. I felt incredibly sexy doing this and he was only feet away when I climaxed, shooting copious amounts of spunk. The young man looked crestfallen as I then proceeded to put on my trousers and top.

"Any chance of a shag" he enquired.

"Tonight or tomorrow yes, but not right now, sorry".

All true, every single word.

Davinia xxx