Written by fannyfitzcock

5 Sep 2007

If your read the story of how the 16 bikers had me for a sex session, fucking and being sucked, you will perhaps remember that I agreed to do it again. While buying me a drink after the session, Jeff had got my mobile number, so I was not surprised a week or so later when he called me to ask for a repeat performance.

He and the others had told their mates all about it, who had never fucked a tv, and they were very interested. They wondered if fucking an arse was like fucking a cunt, and the ones who had fucked me said they had enjoyed it as much and that I certainly knew how to suck cocks. Jeff told me this and asked if I could take rather more than the 16 who fucked me last time. I hesitated a bit, as last time I had got very tired and my arse had been a bit sore, but then I was young and adventurous and finally agreed. So he fixed to meet at the cafe where we had first met.

Since i guessed where we were going, I decided to wear an old microdress, bra and panties, which I knew would be taken off pretty quickly, and get out an old wig and shoes. I looked like a downatheels whore and went to the cafe wondering what to expect.

When I got there it was full and when Jeff took me out to his bike a lot of young, well built, and obviously sexy men followed. There were a lot more than last time and I got a bit worried. But we roared down the motorway, into the woods and finally reached the clearing.

There all cocks were soon out,stiff, erect and being handled and I quickly had my dress and panties pulled off. The first two got into me at once, with me bending over to suck Darren's cock while Jeff shoved his very hard and stiff one right up my arse.He soon came and others followed at both ends. Somebody had brought a blanket and I got down on it doggystyle, to have my tits squeezed, my cock tossed, while cocks filled my mouth and arse. I was also fucked lying on my back with my legs round mens' necks while others spunked in my mouth. Other times I was on my front, sucking vigorously and swalowing spunk while a cock thrust in and out of my arsehole.

It all became a haze of lust and sex. I lost count of the numbers who fucked me, some several times. It was terrific I had lost my bra and was covered in spunk and sweat. Some of the bikers had stripped off, some had just taken off their trousers. I had big cocks which made me gag and had to be forced up me, long cocks, thin cocks, every type imaginable but all stiff, rock hard, and pushed right up. When I was obviously a bit tired they stopped for a rest.

But this time a rest did not mean an end, as after I had been cleaned up and dressed they took me for a drink and got me drunk, and instead of going back to the cafe went to another part of the woods, stripped me, and started again.

By the time they had all got up me again,been sucked and fucked me senseless, it was well past midnight, and I was exhausted. Jeff took me home, and, perhaps foolishly, I agreed to a bout later in the year.

Dont ask me how many cocks went up my arse and in my mouth, I lost count and dont know.