Written by uncomplicated

3 Aug 2010

This event took place about 3 weeks ago now at a well known dogging site near Peterborough. I work down there sometimes during the week and it keeps me sane whilst I am working away from home. I had visited the site many times before and really only ever found what I was looking for this time. It was about 1130 pm on a wet Tuesday night and there were about 5 0r 6 Trucks pulled in for the night, with about 10 or so cars manouvering about the place as they do. I pulled up between 2 of the trucks and had a look around to see what was on offer. Not 5 minutes had past when a stunning TV climbed out of the cab in front of me, once on the road she knelt down to adjust her panties and stockings after obviously just been fucked. To me happiness she then headed toward my car on the way to hers. I wound down the window hoping she would come over, which she did. I asked if she was alright and did she have a light to break the ice. She pulled out a cig packet and a lighter out of a handbag and lit up hers then offered me the lighter. I lit me fag and passed it back, in whicj=h she took hold of my hand and asked me if I wanted to feel under her skirt. Didn't need asking twice, she guided my hand to her panties and they were absoloutley soaking with slimy goo, it was her and the truckers cum mixed together. She asked if she could get in the car and I said sure get in. She walked around to the passenger seat oipned the door, leant in and headed straight for my jeans buttons. Not shy are you i said. Without a word she quickly opened my buttons and started to tug down my pants, My cock instantly sprung hard upright and she was sucking my cock for fun. She then knelt on the passenger seat, pulled off her panties, reached underneath herself and started to play with her asshole. Thats enough she said, coming off my cock. You're gonna fuck me harder than that last guy aren't you.... I nearly came there and then. She climbed out of the car, walked around the front and leant over the bonnet. I climbed out, had a nervous look around and walked round the front. I asked if she had a condom, she handed me one out of her handbag and it was on me in a flash. She said whack it straight in as she was loose from all the spunk she had rubbed in to herself. I looked around again and then just went for it. I sunk my cock deep into her ass and strted fucking the dirty cow for all she was worth. It wasn't long before I came, shuddering with excitement. I pulled out and she span around and pulled the condom off my cock and spilt the cum out all over her hand, she took a big lick then rubbed the rest into her crotch and asshole. She then leant down again adjusted herself and walked off without saying a word. I quickly fastened myself up, and headed back to the car. I watched in the rear view mirror as she walked on to the truck behind me. To my amazement she just casually stepped up into the cab after speaking with the trucker for about 10 seconds. The lights were on in nthe cab and I watched as she heaed down to his crotch the same as with me. She then appeared and I watched the trucker get up out of his seat and nuzzle in behind her fucking the shit out of her. Same old story after he came she was out of the cab and headed further down the layby. I waited for about an hour hoping she would head back in my direction, eager to see the mess she would of been in after all that cock. I didn't see her again but on driving away I saw at least another 5 trucks and probably 6 or so cars all lined up behind me. Dirty bitch. I will be going down there again thats for sure.