Written by TV Lynne

12 Mar 2007

Hi, if you have read my other stories then you will know that i am a married Bi TV, this just another night with my wife & her surprises.

My wife has been chatting on the internet with a guy close to our area for months now, monday night arrived & I (Lynne) dressed as usual, my wife told me to dress as a naughty little schoolgirl, so there i stood in my shirt & tie, very short skirt, black stockings & suspenders, also wearing white lacy ankle-socks, my wife applied my make-up & set my wig & putting it into pigtails using white ribbon.

Right she said, get your coat on i'm taking you out, well i was feeling ver excited.

We drove somewhere quiet as usual, my wife stopped the car, she orderd me to take my coat off & get out, this i did, she drove off without telling me where to meet her, she has never done this before, i was a little nervous to say the least, as i walked, i dived into driveways avoiding being seen in cars headlights.

I must have been walking for about 10 mins when a car drove up, he seen me dive into yet another driveway, but this time the car stopped directly opposite, he called out my name, he said Lynne, i know its you now come out & get in the car, he told me that he had arranged with my wife that he would pick me up along the road, he said that they had been chatting on line for quite a while & that my wife had told him everything about Lynne.

I had no choice but to accept his offer of a lift, he drove along the road, he told me that he will eventually take me home to my wife, i asked him what he meant? he just smiled & said that i will do as i am told & to be quiet.

Eventually we arrived at the woods, he told me to get out of the car with him, we walked deeper into the woods, his hand down the back of my knickers all the time we walked, i spotted dim lights as we went deeper into the woods, there we stopped, he turned me round & kissed me passionately on my lips while his hands caressed my bottom under my skirt, he called out to someone, the i seen 2 men come out from behind the bushes, i was as nervous as hell, wondering what was going on, the man i walked with told me to bend over, i had no choice but to obey, i felt a pair of hands slowly pulling my knickers down, i was faced with a cock to my mouth & a cock in each hand, i sucked frantically & wanked 2 other cocks, the guy whos cock i was sucking moved behind me, i felt him rubbing lubricant to my now bare bottom, then felt his hard cock slowly entering me, still wanking 2 cocks i was being fucked by the 3rd man, he pushed in & out faster & faster, i was so turned on by now i didnt care, my cock was so hard by now too, i felt him remove his cock from my bottom then felt his hot cum splash all over my bare bottom, he then walked round to my front but was replaced by 1 of the other guys up my bottom, i sucked him clean of his cum, wanking another all the time the 3rd guy was fucking me next, again he pulled out & cum all over my bare bottome too, again sucking him clean while the 3rd guy fucked me too until he cum over my bottom & i licked him clean too.

The other 2 men left without a thankyou, my wifes internet friend the told me to take my schoolskirt off & give it to him, this i did, i was standing there in just my stockings, suspenders, school blouse & tie, we walked together back through the woods, he hled me by holding my cock all the way, which was still hard as i was not allowed to wank myself, we got in his car & he drove off, he told me that he is taking me home now but the long way round as he wanted to see Lynne in her state of dress a bit longer.

We arrived home, my wife sitting there waiting, she looked gorgeous, dressed entirely in PVC & thigh boots, i had to show her my cum soaked bottom.

the three of us sat on the settee, my wife got up & said she has a video for me to watch, i was shocked to see that my wife had videod everything that happened in the woods.

She said i could watck that while her friend fucked her, while he fucked my wife, they both called me a very dirty little schoolgirl, then told me to wank while i watched them.

I told them i was ready to cum, i was told to cum in my own hand while they still fucked & watched me, when my hand was full of my own cum, my ordered me to lick it clean & not waste a drop.

My wife & her friend tied me up & left me on the floor in our lounge while they went to bed for the night.

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