Written by baron

7 Jan 2013

i arrived at johns at 11am as arranged, i went through the door to see him standing in suspenders, stockings,black stiletto,s and panties.

he watched as i removed my clothes till i stood naked in front of him, i moved towards him my erect 7" cock swinging from side to side as i walked towards him.

i knelt down in front of him kissed and caressed his stocking covered legs letting my fingers touch his bare skin between his stockings and panties before kissing and licking his semi erect cock through his panties.

i hooked my fingers in the top of his panties pulling them out and down to free his gorgeous cock.i held it semi erect in my hand and watched it grow to its full 9", i was wanking my own cock as i leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth, sucking as much in as i could.

i licked and sucked along its length also caressing his balls,he told me to open my mouth he started to wank his cock as he rested his helmet on my bottom lip, here i was on my knees with this huge cock in my mouth , john was wanking it faster he said he was cumming as i closed my mouth and felt his cum fill my mouth.

he was still cumming and covered my chest with cum , i held his cock and dribbled his cum from my mouth onto his cock and watched as it ran down his cock onto the floor.

we moved into the bedroom , john sat on the bed i stood in front as he held my cock i watched as he rubbed baby oil onto it. he layed on his back with his legs up he rubbed the baby oil around his arse and watched as i fed my erect cock into him .

i fed it in slowly deeper and deeper until he had took it all in to him.i pulled it out then pushed it in deep and slow i heard him moan as it slid back in our balls touched as i held my cock in,

i fucked him faster and harder i could feel my cum coming up my cock and thrust it in further as i cum in him, i could feel my cock pulsing as it emptied into him. after a while i withdrew my cock and watched as my cum dribbled from his arse and down his balls.

we have arranged to meet again soon if interested will let you know how it goes.