Written by honda civic

10 Oct 2012

Hi this is my first posting im a 40yr old tv slim 5feet 5 tall married so dont get out often,i dress in a short black dress with wolford tights,french panties,bra,small heels and long dark brown wig cleopatra style.

I recently drove to my local dogging spot at fannys grove Notts and parked up.There was a silver rover car already parked.The occupant of the car who i now know to be Ed a early sixties grey haired chap immediately came over to my car and started chatting me up.We both walked into the nearby woods Ed with his arm around my waist holding me quite tightly occasionally breaking off to squeeze my arse.Once it appeared safe Ed began to hold me tight and gave me long really meaningful kisses and eased the hem of my dress upwards till it was around my waist.

Ed told me to pretend i was a little schoolgirl and he was to be the schoolmaster i said yes sir whatever you say sir.Ed told me i was a naughty girl and that i was to be spanked and bent me over and smacked my cute little arse a number of times.he then inserted a finger in my ass and expertly finger fucked me for what seemed an age before spinning me round and sucking my cock.

i was then commanded to suck his cock which i did eds cock being about 7 inches with a good width and despite his age was very strong.He held my head whilst my tongue travelled up and down his shaft hungrily sucking on he cock.ed lifted my head pulled me to my feet and spun me round so his cock was sitting nicely between my pusst cheeks.he didnt enter me or try to but held my little cock squeezed me tight and gave me the wank and cum of a lifetime.

I have seen Ed on a couple of occasions since and if you do read this Ed would appreciate your story on our meets and hope to see u soon as i was begining to like the idea of having a regular boyfriend.