Written by YoYo

4 Apr 2012

I've been reading the TV and cross dressing stories with great interest. In the past I too had many occasions when I would dress for men, one in particular who I used to visit in Crewe. He was an ex-policeman if I remember right and the only reason I stopped visiting him was through illness on my part.

I used to visit him on a Saturday afternoon and he would treat me like a real sub slut that I used to be for him. Although my SH name was YoYo he used to call me Sharon which was really slutty.

On one occasion I dressed very sexy for him short black mini skirt, pink blouse, black lace bra and lace panties, stockings suspenders and black stiletto heels. I used to be smooth and shaved all over and he used to complement me on my shapely legs and pert bottom.

On this occasion I fondly remember he was more dom than normal. Commanding me to come over to him and kneel in front of him, head bowed and told to give him a blow job. Of course I willingly obeyed and did as I was commanded. After a while I was ordered upstairs for him to use me as the sub slut I was. As I walked in front of him I would walk with a really girly wiggle which he really liked.

Once upstairs he tied my hands behind my back and fondled my in any way he wished. He pulled my skirt up and my lace panties down to my knees and would give my bottom a slap, which I loved. By now my little cock was hard to which he would give it a flick with the riding crop he used to hold. He then took me to the bed and lubed me up before inserting a very large dildo to open me up. This would go on for some time whilst he was calling me call kinds of slutty names which really used to turn me on. It made me feel like a well abused female giving in to his every desire.

Once he'd opened me up he removed the dildo, put a condom on and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. He kept calling me dirty slutty names and said how he also wanted to take me without a condom and fill me with him cum, which I really wanted to happen. After a while he removed himself from me, removed the condom and forced his cock down my throat which I loved. I sucked him until he was about to cum. He then pulled out and shot his creamy load all over my face.

Later after we'd cleaned up and changed he said how he was going to use me as his whore and contact others on SH to use and abuse me which I was really looking forward to. Sadly this never happened because we just lost contact.

Hopefully if you're reading this you'll know who you are........ Master!