Written by vicky tv

21 Nov 2009

hi, i have to tell you about a night i had at an adult cinema in bermingham recently,

it was about 6pm and i parked outside, walked straight in paid the entry fee and went into the dark theater, i was fully dressed as a secretary, short skirt, stockings, stiletoes,white blouse, jacket and wig in pigtails.

i sat on the back row crosed my legs so ther was some stocking top on show,

within 30 seconds i had an admirer on either side, i uncrosed my legs and spread them wide forcing my skirt right up,

they each started to feel my thighs and rub my cock and balls untill i was rock hard and gagging for cock,

one of them asked what i liked, and my reply was (you can do anything to me as long as you cum in my mouth).

with tha they man handled me so i was kneeling on the seat with my ass in the air, my head pulled down onto one cock while the other guy pulled my thong down, he told the other guy who i was sucking like mad that i was all lubed up and ready for a good shafting,

he started to push his cock in me bareback, i didnt wat that so i released the cock i was sucking and by the time i stopped him he had already pumped me 3 times, i got him to put a condom on and he picked up from where he left of, fucking me harder and harder,

so with a cock in my mouth and a cock in my ass i was a true tranny slag,

the guy in my ass said he was ready and puled out, i got on my knees in front of them both just in time to get two sack fulls of thick white spunk right in my mouth and on my chin,

after they wiped their cocks on my cheeks i noticed half a dozen men, all wanking, all wanting to blast my face with cum, i have to admit, i i was feeling quite full when i left the cinema two hours later, and i didnt even see any of the film,

i hope you enjoi this story as it is absolutely true,

xxx vicky xxx

p.s id love to have some fun with lynda xx