Written by Cheshire CD

4 Mar 2007

As I quite often pass Broxton on a Wednesday, I thought you might like to hear what happened a couple of weeks ago. I called in quite late, after midnight, and the place was dead bar the usual car sitters, and the pillocks who drive up and down constantly (why?). I had already changed into Floral wrap around mini-skirt, black hold-ups and a black silky thong, with black stiletto heels to finish my look before ariving. I sat for a couple of minutes with no interest from the car parked besides me. Quietly I got out of the car and walked off in the direction of the toilet, accross the slightly better lit area so that I could be seen.

Once at the toilets I waited to see if anyone was following me....but, as usual, no joy. As I peered thru the bushes I felt a hand slide up the back of my leg to my stocking tops where it lingered and then ventured up to cup my arse cheeks. As I turned I saw an old guy....about 60/70 standing with his cock in his hand, fisting like fury. "Wanna go somewhere more private?" he whispered andI agreed to follow him in my car.

It was about a 10 minute drive into a leafy little village down the road, and we stopped outside a large detached property with its own long gravel drive. He got out and escorted me through the front door. I had a shock as he led me into the lounge where a woman (mid 50's, with a superb figure!)was laid back on the sofa in the most gorgeous underwear and devine shoes, gently massaging her pussy through the gusset of her knickers.

I immediately knelt between her splayed thighs and began to lick her pussy through her knicks , making her even more slippery. As I was knelt down I felt my skirt being lifted and my thong pulled to one side, then a tongue squirmed its way around and into my hole. This was heaven! With a muffled squeal, the woman came grabbing my (naturally) long hair and pulling my face into her wetness, she ground her cunt against me gasping and shuddering.

The man then pulled me back away from her and unceremoneously forced his hard meat between my cheeks, it hurt as he first pierced my arse, but he then took his time sliding it in and out of me until I relaxed to accept his not insubstantial girth. As he fucked me the woman lay undernath me and began licking my balls and sucking my now hard cock into her throat. She also occasionally detatched herself from my dick and licked under my balls to her fellas cock and balls, I also had a bird's-eye view of her fingering her pussy.

The guy withdrew and turned me over. He knelt between my spread thighs and wanked himself, with a groan his jacking speeded up and then a torrent of spunk flew from him all over my stockings and exposed cock and balls. the woman leaned over and licked the cum from my stockings and then encased my cock back in my now spunk-soaked thong and rubbed my cock and balls until I added my load in the knickers, which were then slid down my legs and off. They were stcky and a couple of drops of spunk landed on my thigh as the bloke passed them to her. She put them in her mouth and sucked on them while fingering herself again.

We cleaned up and I got changed, leaving about 20 minutes later. As I left I realised, I never asked their names......in fact we barely spoke at all!