Written by linda_simmons

13 Jul 2010

A few weeks ago i had beenvisiting the tv/cd room quite alot chatting with guys etc... and over the space of a fortnight had arranged to meet with seven different guys, all of whom wanted to visit my house and meet me while i was all dolled up and use me however they wanted.. it had all ranged from just straight forward wanting me to suck them off to some very rude stuff which would have left not just my bottom full of sperm but so burst that i wouldnt have been able to hold the sperm inside of me!!!and i have never been fisted before!!...or at least not yet....Anyway the short and the tall of it was that none of these guys had turned up...wasting my time and makeup... do you know how much it costs these days???

So i was pleased when a guy who had been here before got in touch and asked if he could pay me a visit!!..We set the day for the Friday and he said he wanted to use me as his slutty secretary again and give my ass a nice creampie... Only this time he was going to take a bit more time and play about with me more..making sure my ass was going to be well ready for the sperm when it arrived!!!...He had been...in his words.... a little nervous on our first meet!!....Now i remembered this guy and i knew he was quite well endowed so i was anticipating a good session and i knew that the room would enjoy watching it and siving encouraging suggestions....I do so love the comments guys make in the room when they see me playing.... i apologise that not all of the suggestions are followed but most of the time i dont have any say in what the guy is going to do to me anyway!!and some of the suggestions are very difficult to do if not impossible!... "stick your fist in there while you fuck her"!!!!!!my goodness some of you boys are sooooo rude..... Anyway i digress....

So friday morning and he wants a slutty secretary,,,,now you probably know this is my normal look anyway..so on went my new pink and black lacey matching panties and bra..sheeny luxury lace top hold-ups..( i do prefer stockings but they are so hard to find these days..and the tesco luxury lace top holdups at £3.50 a pair are a bargain and they look sooooo sexy!!)...Over the top my new little black dress..and my sensible secretary black shoes..theyve got a heel but they are not mad stilletos that i wouldnt beable to walk in anyway... then over all that my pink "boyfriend" blazer (they are all the rage apparently!!)... Now alot of you will know my look... short bob stile brown hair with blonde streaksmm for my make-up...lots of mascarra.long black lashes.. lots of black eyeliner...on the lids a touch of mac, black eyeshadow to give that snokey eyes look but a pinky bronze eyeshadow around the eye and upto the brow.. lips bright red full and shiny... just a litle too much make-up to be considered a decent girl... and this guy was going to know he was dealing with a slut!!

I was in the room chatting and people were asking me when he was due to arrive etc... some lovely compliments on how i looked etc...thankyou guys for that... and the phone rang... he was about half an hour early!!!... but it wasnt to say he was just parking up and making his way to the house it was to say his daughter/aunty/wife was sick/dead/ in hospital/ and he couldnt get away because bla bla bla bla bla!!!....EIGHT guys IN A ROW!!!...I was a little miffed... again i had made the effort again i had been let down!!..i expressed my dissapointment to the room.... oh and thanks to the guy who made the comment"Ooooh bitch with a hunp!!get over it , these things happen!!"...that really helped..Anyway i was so pissed off i decided to blow the room out and go for a drive.. not an easy task from my place when you are dolled up...so boy clothes over the top... wipe the lippy off that could be replaced down the road.. dark glasses to hide the eyes and just hoped nobody noticed the foundation and blusher... anyway i managed to smuggle myself out of town and decided to pop across to a laybye i knew about...One of these ones where a lane detatches from the main road and skirts behind an island of trees, and in this case a picnic site with carpark and public toilets, before rejoining the road after about quarter maybe half a mile. off to the side of the layby there are lots of trees too with a myriad of paths leading from the roadside to various littl spots deep into the foliage usually festooned with condom wrappers and old faded page three girls etc... Not so much filthy with the debris but enough to make it rather seedy and just my kind of place!!

Now i arrived , having stopped off en-route to retouch up my make-up , reapply my lippy and take off the boy clothes and re-enter linda the slutty secretary, mind you i wasnt expecting great shakes from the place because i had heard the police had a purge on the place in response to some complaints from some of the villagers who live nearby.. and indeed this had kept me away from the spot for about three or four months...But if there was no fun to be had here i knew another spot within about 15 minutes drive!!!As i pulled up i noticed quite a few cars all along the lane... the toilets in the carpark do get used but when i am dressed i tend to stay away from them... it was now mid afternoon and here are members of the public who use the toilets for legitimate reasons... so best not to spread shock and horror!!... I pulled up by the trees adjacent to one of the many pathways into the trees...and in amongst about six or seven other cars that were parked along the tree line... i sat for a while watching the comings and goings of the other cars .. some passed back and forward a few times slowing down so the guys in side could get a good look at me.... i sat preening myself,,checking my eyes pretending to be touching up my lippy etc.

After a few minutes i decided it was time to go for a wander into the trees so stepping out of the car i slipped straight onto the path into the trees and was soon hidden from view from the road by the summer foliage... Almost as soon as i walked in i noticed a guy stood within twenty feet of where i walked in... tall, dark,very athletic looking ...early to mid forties... i walked within ten feet of where he stood making sure he could see me and then continued along the path which led me up and around behind alarge thick trunked(horsechestnut...i think)tree. I looked back but the guy had not followed me....MMMMM sad!!!...but i did notice another guy who seemed to have come in at the same place i did and was walking my way.. This guy looked younger and was wearing shorts and ealready his hnds were inside fumbling about with his crotch.. As he approached me i noticed the first guy was following him round too...."oh so he likes to watch" i thought.... Well as the newcomer in shorts approached he was pulling the front of his shorts down to expose a hardening cock already quite impressive .. iguessed after a bit play it would get upto about 8 inches and really quite thick.. i reached down and as i started stroking it i felt it twitch in my hand,,mmmmm ..He slipped his hand under my skirtand squeezed my manhood....Now i dont think i really had him fooled at this stage that i might have been a woman , but it was rather nice to think that this was just his way of making sure...because as sonn as he squeezed he let go and slipped his hand around and onto my assand started to squeeze my bum cheek.... now this is something i love!!!..Especially when i am in a crowded bar and i feel a guy slide up behind me and jsut start squeezing my bum and slipping his hand up my skirt...it is so naughty but soooo nice.... anyway i was stood stroking his hrdening cock and he had hithed the skirt of the dress up over my bottom and was squeezing my but...making my legs go to jelly...Our spectator revealed his scots identity now when he said in his broad borders accent "Go on get stuck into the dirty little slut.. get that cock down her throat!!".. I looked at the guy... he looked at me and his hand came upto my shoulder and meeting noresistance pushed me down into a sqatting position with his big hard cock inches from my face...it took no effort at all to lean forward and take his cock into my mouth... the audible hiss of breath is always charming as i slide my mouth back along the shaft squeezing his bell end against the roof of my mouth.... the scotsman was all encouragement ..oh yes suck it you slut.... oh go on get it right down her throat etc... and he even stepped forward producing an even bigger cock from his leans and pushing it towards my face....MMM two to choose from... the scotsmans cock was about the same thickness..but even longer9-10 inchesand i soon had that in my mouth...swapping between the two... the guy in the shorts had kind of moved round to the side and ws reaching dowm and stroking my panties and ass as i squatted taking turns sucking them both..and now a few more guys had turned up and were watching... the scotsman was starting to take charge now, and he ordered one of the newcomers to get his cock out and feed it down my throat..and as the scotsman stepped aside i saw another youngish lad aproach pulling his cock out and pushing it towrds my face... this guy was about 7inches and not as thick as the first two but was moaning about how nice my mouth felt as soon as his cock hit the back of my throat... The guy in the shorts had been groping my ass and as the young lad had approached i straightened my legs up and bent forward at the waist to take him in my mouth.. this allowed the shorts guy easier access to my panties and i felt him move fully behind me now and lift the hem of my dress right up over my bum to expose my panty clad bottom!!!...To the delight of the scotsman he started to rub his big cock against my ass..."go on get stuck into the whores ass" said the scotsman and i could feel this guys hard cock bucking up againts the gusset of my panties!!..the guy i was sucking ws moaning ...oh wonderful..keep sucking me you whore...but all the bucking at my backside was spoiling my concentration so letting him slip out of my mouth i straigtened up... turned to the guy behind me and grabbed his cock.."Here , let me give you a hand"..with thta i pulled the gusset of my panties to one side , spat on my ahnd. and rubbed the spit into my ass hole..then turning back round as i bent forward to suck the young guys cock i dragged the shorts guy's cock into my ass...making sure i pushed back hard against him to get that full 8 inches all the way home...I may have let out a bit of a whimper as it embedded deep into my ass because the scotsman started to get very excited now.."oh yes fuck her ass oh go on give her it really hard... then he was pushing his cock back at me and i was at one point with two cocks in my mouth and one in my ass!!!...the scotsman pulled back and the young guy i was sucking was soon announcing he was gonna cum.....go on said the jock ..give her your spunk and to make sure i felt his hand on the back of my head making sure i couldnt pull away and sure enough the usual bucking started the moans got louder and the jets of sperm were hitting the roof of my mouth and as it subsided the last few drops ooozed out onto my tongue... the young guy was shouting .. Yes Yes.. swallow it all you fucking whore and iw as enjoying the feel of it oozing down my throat when the guy in the shorts started moaning and groaning...saing oh yes , oh god as his fucking started to speed up in my ass ... the scotsman was pushing his cock into my mouth and stopped... sre you spunking up her???... he asked... the guy behind was getting a little franytic now his grip on my hips was really tight and he was banging me hard and deep then pausing and then fast again... oh fuck ..he aid.. oh no!!..he was saying i lifted up and looked him as he pulled his cock from my ass... "have you just cum up my ass?" i asked ...erm no ..ern its ok he said... but he was shaking drops of sperm from his cock... i reached round and felt my ass and could feel rather large amounts of sperm ooozing out of me and running down my legs... i looked at him as he pulled his shorts up and hurrieed away!!!...i couldnt work out wy he said he hadnt cum in my ass when he so clearly had!!!...and there was rather alot of it too...???

I didnt have much time to think about it because the scotsman was getting another two guys who had been watching to come forard and give me their cocks to suck... "Have you got any condoms?"..asked the scotsman....and as the first of the newcomers finished very quickly and jerked his load of cum into my mouth..i reached round to my hand bag and pulled out a condom and handed it to him... He started to put it on as i started sucking the next guy... i soon felt the scotsmans hand son my hips... right you fucking whore i am going to fuck your arse off!!...and with that he was burying that big cock into my ass....now i dont know if it was just the extra inch or because he was a bit more forceful but i was really feeling this pounding now... my ass felt like it was really being stretched.. he smacked my ass really hard ..ouch i yelped and as he pushed my head back onto the cock in my mouth almost immediately exploded and i drank another load of sperm... oh fucking nice said the lad as he zipped himself up.... the scotsman was banging my ass really hard and i was hanging onto a tree branch and as the lad was leaving he said here comes someone else... i think you are going to be popular today... the newcomer stood and watche dthe scotsman fucking me..."nice" he was saying..."really nice"... well dont just watch said the scotsman get your cock out and feed iot to the dirty slut....and soom i was back on familiar ground a nice hard cock banging my ass and a nice hard cock in my mouth... tha scotsman whalloped my ass again ...ouch i yelped... not so hard!!!...to which he replied.. shut up you slut and get that cock back in your mouth.... then pushed my head back onto the cock,,, but to his credit he stopped whacking my ass but rather started to build his speed up and the depth and power of his thrusts.. he was moaning and taliking dirty to me too..a nd soon he was saying he was going to cum and then the feelings of his cock jerking inside of me and the final few thrusts and his sperm was filling the condom.... as he pulled out of me i stopped sucking the lad in front and gripped the condom making sure i pulled it off his cock and kept all the sperm inside..and as the scotsman zipped himself up and made his way back to his cari held it up and was quite surprised to see how full it wss....probably about 2cm deep in the tit of the condom!!...shall i drink it i asked the last lad... if you want to..he said... and so i tipped the open end against my outstretched tongue and tipped the contents into my mouth...finally squeezing my fingers down the length of the rubber to make sure i got every last drop....mmmmm what a lovely big load!!!..then i was back onto the guy sucking his cock back into my mouth...after a few moments i noticed his breating starting to quicken... i looked up at him..."do you want to fuck me?" i asked ... erm yes..erm no ... erm oh fuck its too late im cumming!!...i just had time to drag him back into my mouth before it erupted and gave me another dose of sperm... oh sorry he said.. i was just too far gone!!...not a problem i said i enjoyed it as he zipped up and left...leaving me alone...and as i straightened up and pulled my panties back into place i thought wow!!...what a session... made so much better by the scotsman who kind of contolled it all and got everyone.. including me so geeeed up for it...i hope i see him again soon!!

I looked around and was about to haed back for the car when a new guy entered the wood... He saw me and did a kind of double take before aproaching me and getting his cock out as he did so.....well why not?..it doesnt look like my day is finished yet i thought... and i swooped down on this new cock taking him straight into my mouth.. the lad was quite young ,,,early twentys and his cock was only about 6 inches long but as fat as the scotsmans had been... he ws soon moaning and thrusting into my mouth... i looked up at him..."Do you like to fuck girls?" i asked ... is that what you want??...do you want me to fuck you??...oh yes please.. Just then another guy came into the trees and the young guy whipped up his trousers and nervously moved away,,,, the newcomer walked past but didnt say anything.. just dissappeared into the trees...the young lad returned and pulling down his tracksuit bottoms pushed me back down and i started sucking him again.... after a few more minutes he said he was going to cum soon and i started to stand up lift up the skirt of the dress and pull my knix down.. i was turning round ready to take his cock in my ass when he said no...no its too late ..i turned and again it was a mad scramble to get his jerking cock into my mouth befroe his sperm was wasted all over the ground... i just clamped my mouth over it and jet after jet spewed out of his cock.....young men cum soooo much!!!....He pulled up his tracksuit and no sooner had he left when the other guy reappeared... i was just pulling my knix into place and the new guy asked what happened i told him i had sucked the lad off but had been really hoping for a nice fuck.... the newcomer unzipped himself and asked if i would like to suck him.... his cock was long ...nearly as long as the scotsmans but thinner.... i got down and started sucking him.... ..He was thrusting into my mouth and moaning all the usual stuff... and then i felt his hand on my shoulder.. i looked up and he asked if i wanted it up me!!!....mmmm yes was the reply....infact it was probably mmm yes please!!!...anyway he lifted me up and spun me round .. i haeld onto the tree and felt him lift my dress up... then he pulled my panties half way down my thighs spat into his hand and ran it right up the crack of my ass... i pushed my bottom out further and felt hiscock press against my hole... he started to push....."Oh are you going to do me bareback????" ia sked... of course he said...my balls are really full and i am going to work your ass and cum bucket fulls up you!!...."Oh fuck !!!" i thought and i leant forward ready for a session... and sure enough after about five minutes he pulled out and i sucked him for a bit but he soon had me spun round and was back in me... my ass was being worked fast and slow,,,shallow then deep .. i was moaning and trying to encourage him to use me... "Tell me when you are going to shoot it in me" i asked ... ok hunny... not long now!!..and sure enough his fucking became more frantic and my yelps became more vocal...oh come on hunny ...use me ... sunk up my whoring little ass..etc all the filth i could muster up to get him to empty himself into me... then came those exquisite final thrusts where his hands pulled my ass hard back onto him and i felt his cock twitch and jerk in my ass hole ...knowing it was spewing out its seed deep into my belly... i straightened up and looked over my shoulder.... his cock was still inside me...."Oh god!!.. that was fantastic!!" oh yes he agreed and gave me a kiss on the mouth,,,with his cock still in my ass... the first kiss i had had all day!!!...oh dear me i have been a naughty girl i thought as his cock slipped out of my ass... and he zipped himself up and i pulled my knickers back upand my dress back down...we both made our ways back to our cars and expressed the wish to bump into each other again sometime.... It wasnt yet dark and theer was probably more fun to be had...but i was finished now... i needed to get home .. my ass was well and truly used and i could feel the sperm running into the gusset of my panties and as i sat in my car... i thought how much fun i had had in the afternoon ,, after such a dissapointing morning!!...

I drove home a very happy .. very..very well used tranny but all you guys who waste our time you are not forgiven yet!!!...I dont dress 24/7 and i take time out from a busy work scedule to put it aside to get dolled up and give you guys pleasure.. at the very least get the info to us that you are not comingbefore we get the makeup all on..the stuff costs a bloody fortune!!....still i wouldnt want to stop being a little slut because days like that friday afternoon make it soo worth it!!.....Hope you enjoyed the story... abit long...actually there were a few more bits but that would have really dragged it out so i kind of skipped those