Written by Anonymous

11 Oct 2018

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My mind was in turmoil. I got up and tore my lingerie off and threw it on the floor. Quickly putting jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt on. I was all over the place my thoughts turned to anger and taking some sort of violent revenge. Somehow this calmed me down and I started to reason things through. I knew that might not work and realised I might just have to do as I was told. I didn't sleep much that night ,tossing and turning for most of the night finally falling asleep at dawn. I awoke around 9am. Couldn't help myself had to put a pair of knickers on ,choosing a full pair of pink satin ones. I was having a cup of tea when the phone rang. It was him" Hello Chrissy" . I jumped at the sound of his almost sinister voice. "You are not going to disobey me are you. You know the consequences You will dress exactly as you where that night the police officer stopped you in Hartford". My mind was racing I was thinking all kinds of things . What was I wearing that night ,oh its the police man that stopped me , Why are you... "You will Walk to the van from the opposite end of the car park carrying your little sissy bag with your lipstick and makeup in it, come over to the van get in the back, the side door will be open and sit down at exactly 7pm. Do not be late." . The phone went dead. I though OMG it is the police man who stopped me that night in Hartford. Well at least I knew who it was everything else was going to and fro in my head. 1 o'clock came and I found myself going upstairs to get shaved showered and use my Veet hair removal cream. after drying myself I lay back on the bed trying to understand how it had come to this. I thought I had been so careful. It took me quite a while to apply my makeup to my satisfaction but eventually it looked ok. I remembered exactly what I was wearing that night at Hartford it was so vivid as if to haunt me. I had gone dressed Quite Tarty I had a pink Satin blouse, Secretary style buttons open to just show my purple uplift bra with black lace edges. A black short pencil type skirt with a six inch split at the back that just showed the tops of my ff's (stockings) I always have them almost up to my knickers which where also matching purple. The stockings attached to a waist clincher six strap suspender belt . Black 5" stiletto heels and my ash blonde shoulder length wig. Imitation pearl knecklace bracelet and drop earrings .I looked in the mirror feeling pleased at how I looked touched up my red lipstick and sprayed some more Coco Chanel. It was just after six o'clock I got in my car for the half hour journey to Sauna Sauna. I knew I was early the excitement at getting dressed and going out now turning to trepidation almost fear. I stopped in a lay-by 5 minutes from my destiny. It seemed like an age before I knew it was time to go. I started shaking uncontrollably as I drove the 5 minutes to the car park. I arrived in the car park, at first I couldn't see a van, then I saw it. It was a high roof Transit van with curtains around front windows and yes the side door was open. I don't know how I reversed into the space at my end of car park , but I did. I looked in my mirror applied some more lipstick and got out without even thinking about it before I could gather myself together I was walking ever so sexily towards the van with my little clutch bag in my hand. I paused as a man came out of the Sauna. He passed a comment that just did not register as I walked on to the van. I had to lift my tight skirt so I could climb into the van. It was fairly dark inside but I could see a sofa ,the floor was carpeted and the van panels where covered in a vinyl padding. A voice rapped "I told you to sit down" I did …….. final part to follow soon xxx

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