Written by Anonymous

18 Oct 2018

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I sat on the black leather sofa my knees slightly upwards exposing my stocking tops . I smoothed my skirt down feeling strangely calm. I looked around the inside of the van it was very clean, Dark grey bedroom shag plie carpet and black quilted padding around the sides. I heard a noise from the headboard and noticed a small hole around 6" square with wire mesh covering the hole. He said " stand up and look at this very carefully". I could see a laptop or I-pad and on it was me, sashaying across the car park. I could hear my heels clacking on the concrete and unbelievably I smiled at the man coming out of the Sauna in response to whatever he said to me. As I got close to the van my face was in full view and would most certainly be recognised by anyone who knew me. " I have sent this to my friend so in case you have any idea's of not doing what I tell you. He will post this to your friends and the internet". I knew I had no alternative but to except what ever he wanted. " Sit down I will join you in a minute, you will not talk to me unless I tell you to and you will call me sir". My calmness had gone as I sank to the sofa. It seemed like an age but probably not, when a man appeared at the door. He looked in with a rather cruel smirk on his face. He climbed into the van and I realised it was not the policeman who was at least six foot tall ,a lot stockier and certainly older. This man was around mid forties' slim slightly bald and wearing blue trousers with a white shirt. I looked to see if anyone else was about to get in van has he shut the door a light at the front and rear of the van came on. He hadn't said a word . He was looking me up and down with a sickly smile on his face. Then he told me, no ordered me to "Stand up turn around and face the wall." I got up and did as I was told. I felt his breath on my kneck then his hands exploring my back over my skirt on to my stocking clad legs . He caressed them and then under my skirt feeling the suspenders taught to my stockings. He continued caressing my legs getting ever nearer to the tiny gap between my stockings and panties. Almost with a sudden lunge his hand was between my legs on my clitty cock. I gasped as I felt it stir in my panties. He had hold quite firmly squeezing my balls and cock. His mouth next to my ear. His breathing fast and shallow. " You little sissy slut. Cock sucking faggot " he almost spat out the words to me. His hands now at my tits through my Satin blouse pinching my nipples. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan my nipples getting hard to his rough touch. Then he stopped and stepped back. " Sit back down on the sofa" I sat down he moved in front of me . " take my trousers down I am going to show you what a mans cock looks and feels like" I started to unzip him, unbuttoning the top button, his trousers fell to the floor. He stepped out of them. He had a pair of fairly tight blue boxers and I could see a fair size bulge in them. " Remove my shirt and then my boxers" I undid the remaining buttons and removed his shirt. "Now my boxers you sissy bitch". I slipped his boxers down. "On your knees slut" In front of my face was an almost flaccid cut cock about 5 maybe 6" "You are going to make love to my cock you are going to swallow all my cum and lick me clean afterwards aren't you. I heard myself say yes thank you sir. My hand was on his bell end slowly going down the shaft. I could feel it slowly thickening , twitching and growing as I caressed it.. I could also feel a stirring in my panties I was actually enjoying myself. " Suck it you little faggot " I wanted it in my mouth,. my tongue on the tip yes I felt like I was dreaming as it slipped between my lipstick lips. It was now filling my mouth at least 8" and thick. His hand on the back of my head forcing it down my throat his hand holding me tight his balls against my chin. Almost gagging me. He released my head then held it again doing it again and again. Then he grunted and started to seriously fuck my face He was calling me all the sissy names he could think of. I was now too far gone to care. He stopped then sped up like a piston he fucked my face, ramming my throat his balls banging my chin. He let out a loud moan and shot stream after stream down my throat. I was struggling to swallow his thick salty cum. He was still ramming my face. I could feel some cum seeping out of the corners of my mouth. He stopped His cock was now pointing at my face. "Lick it clean you little slut. You fucking loved that didn't you. I panted Yes sir thank you. I thought that would be it. I started to clean myself. He stopped me " What do you think you are doing we haven't finished yet. Take your skirt and blouse off and bend over the end of the arm of the sofa. I thought he his going to smack my arse for disobeying him. I was now lying over the arm of the sofa my arms and chest on the seat of the sofa, my bum up in the air and at his mercy. He came behind me rubbing his now hard again cock against my pantie clad arse .His hands slipping the shoulder straps of my bra over my shoulders He eased my bra cups off my tits, leaving them underneath the bra and wiring forcing my tits to stick out even more. He started teasing my now rock hard nipples tweaking pinching twisting them forcing me to cry out in pleasure and pain. Suddenly his cock was at the entrance to my hole my panties to one side he was pushing it hard against my hole. I heard and felt him spit on me then his cock was just in me only a little bit but I could feel his urgency now He shoved it in OMG I screamed with the pain he smacked my arse " Shut up you fucking Whore" He was right up me now . It hurt like hell he was slowly going in and out of me. It felt like it was up to my stomach. Tears now uncontrollably streaming down my face. He took it out and then shoved it back in again. The pain was intense. my legs had buckled and he was now going in and out his balls slapping against my arse. My pantied cock was now rubbing in unison with his thrusts against the leather arm of the sofa his hands still pinching my nipples I began to feel a slight burning as the pain eased in my backside suddenly I felt my cum soak my panties. He was still banging my arse moaning and shouting all kinds of dirty things at me. I don't know how long he fucked me for but it seemed like ages. I was completely knackered as he pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth to clean. he told me to stay like I was over the sofa till he got dressed. I lay there the cum dripping out of my arse and panties and down on to my stockings. My hole mouth and throat so sore . He said " get dressed get out and go. I will contact you for our next meeting". The words slowly sinking in to my scrambled brain. We have met and done exactly the same four times since. He told me he was going to bring his friend next time. That was nearly three months ago sadly I am still waiting xxx

Next story in series: WhoCan You Trust.