Written by Suzi_sheffield

17 May 2007

The next week was an agony of waiting. Tina, my wife, checked every day to make sure that my CB 3000 cy device was still firmly locked in place, which it certainly was. I had done some experimentation to check out how secure it was, but it quickly became clear that it was impossible to remove without breaking the device itself, or at least its little padlock, but either option would have given the game away, so my poor little penis remained tightly confined in its downward-pointing clear plastic tube. I didn't want to risk Master's wrath and, to be honest, I didn't really want to be able to free myself either. After years of coldness from Tina, the new sexual tension arising from my physical and psychological humiliation was definitely getting to me; I knew I was becoming addicted to my feminisation and degradation.

I accepted Master's instruction (delivered through my wife) that I was to wear the cy device at all times, even to work, and that I was also to wear women's knickers to work under my normal clothes during the day, and to dress fully as a woman in the evenings, and of course at weekends. In fact I found this a relief rather than an imposition.

Eventually of course another weekend did arrive. Tina confirmed to me that we could expect another visit from Master and Karen, my new transvestite lover. I was sexually excited at the thought of being in Master's presence again, and genuinely rather afraid of him and what he might do (or have done by others) to me, but I desperately wanted to see Karen. I wanted her to kiss me and hold me. I wanted us to rub out feminised, girly cocks together, and just to touch and admire our sissy short skirts, to stroke each others thighs through tightly stretched nylon stockings, to be sissy friends and make each other happy, cumming together if we could, if it might be allowed.

I wondered at my reaction to Karen. In eighteen years of marriage to Tina I had never considered myself anything other than strictly heterosexual, despite my love of women's panties, and I still did not find men dressed as men even remotely attractive. I knew Tina was a man, but I liked her cock! Was she even really a man, or something different, somehow half male and half gorgeous, curvy, sexy, seductive female? Partly, I thought, it was because Karen and I were so alike, that I adored her so much. We had both failed as macho males and allowed ourselves to become pathetic, cuckolded, controlled, feminised girlies -- and I loved her for it, and for allowing me to become like her.

Before Master and Karen arrived I spent well over an hour getting my outfit right and doing my face and hair (my new wig). Generous ruffled pink satin panties covered my cock and balls, hidden away in the CB 3000. My stockings were 'almost-black' rather than the usual dark tan, and were clipped to a stretchy black suspender belt. I had on a very tight-around-the-knees, black hobble-skirt, and a semi-transparent lacy black top over a pink, under-wired bra. My strappy high heels completed my look -- and made it even more difficult to walk in the hobble-skirt.

When they arrived I was glad I had taken so much trouble over my appearance. I earned an approving look from Master, and my heart leapt when I saw Karen. She immediately smiled at me and looked deep into my eyes, holding me with her look. She was supremely beautiful in a leather micro-miniskirt, scarlet top, and erotic seamed hold-up stockings, the tops of which were plainly visible a good two inches below her skirt hem. When she moved she wiggled her hips, and I could even see some red silky-looking panties and -- yes -- the outline of her almost accessible cock and balls.

Master interrupted my reverie. "Tina," he commanded, "take off your husband's rather lovely skirt for me, and remove his cy device". My wife did as she was ordered, struggling with the tight-fitting skirt at first, but managing to free it and pull down my pink frilly panties. Being released from the confining, controlling cy lock felt heavenly, and my 'cockette' sprang to life, quickly becoming semi-hard.

Master then addressed Karen: "It's time for the ball-stretcher Karen. Take your time. I want to see your friend's balls stretched as far as they'll go". I thought I knew all about this, and could cope with it well enough, as I already had experience of wearing heavy steel "split-collar" ball-weights, designed to be locked in place around the scrotum above my distended balls. Tina had enjoyed forcing me to stretch my balls in this way. However Master had brought his own equipment along. His ball-stretching weights were subtly different from the ones I had used, and I was in for a big surprise.

My weights were smooth polished steel, consisting of two thick and deep semi-circles of metal, locked together around my balls by a sunken screw tightened with an allen key. Master's weights were similar, but had a groove incised into the external circumference of the metal. At first I didn't attach any significance to these grooves, and willingly assisted my wife in the job of clamping and locking two separate weights around by ball sac. Each weight had a 15 mm depth, and after patiently spending a good few minutes distending my balls by manually pulling them downwards my sac stretched sufficiently for me to get both of them in place.

The surprise came when Master produced a new device and passed it to Karen, ordering her to fasten it to my ball weights. This consisted of two circles of thin, slightly springy steel, joined together by a long metal screw. Each metal circle fitted neatly into the groove incised into the outer surface of one of the two ball weights locked around my ball sac. Once in place Karen was able to simply turn the head of the metal screw to force the two weights apart, further stretching my ball sac in the process. To my shock and amazement she easily forced by balls a little further away from my body. There was only a slight discomfort, but I could tell that my balls were at their maximum length, and that any further turns of the screw might be both painful and dangerous. Understanding at last my new vulnerability, I literally broke into a cold sweat of fear.

Master said something I didn't quite catch, and I found myself being led into the bedroom by Karen, who held my hand. I thought she was trying to look caring and reassuring. I was stood by the bed, and then bent over it by both Karen and Tina pushing me downwards from the waist. My legs were slightly splayed, and my tensed, stretched balls hung down heavily in their steel weights between my thighs. Although my skirt and knickers were gone, I was conscious of feeling (in addition to being still somewhat scared) rather silly in my bra, top, and stockings and heels.

My next sensation was something pushing between my legs behind my stretched balls, sliding over my nylon-covered thighs, and up against the crack of my exposed arse. I whimpered a bit and half turned. It was Karen standing behind me, and I realised that it was her very erect cock nestling into my behind.

"Don't worry love," she whispered into my ear. "I've put a condom on and lubricated it really well. I'll just slide right into you, and then we'll be together, two lovely sissies together. Master says I've got to fuck you, and I want to fuck you. You want me too, don't you darling?"

Before I could say a word I felt cold gel of some sort being rubbed into my crack by Tina. Then Master spoke to me. "Do not resist this my sissy," he said, "or I will expand your balls until you scream to be buggered. Once you were a man, but now you're a faggot, a pansy who will soon beg for a regular buggering, because from now on this will be your only chance to cum. When you are fucked up your bum, I'll allow you to cum, if you can. But no touching your cock. Just relax and enjoy, and if you enjoy it enough to cause an orgasm, then you may ejaculate. If you can't manage it... the cy device will ensure your balls are still full until the next time I have you buggered. Eventually you'll learn to cum without any contact being made with your cock, and you'll crave the fulfilment of another man's penis spunking up you."

With that Karen leant over me and started seriously pushing at my hole. I was scared it would hurt despite all the lubrication, but wanted it as well. I wasn't about to try and run away, even if I had been in any position to attempt an escape. After just getting the top of her swollen knob head into me, I felt her stop as she encountered firm resistance from my anal ring muscles. She withdrew slightly and I felt her push one finger into me, gently but insistently. This did me. I couldn't stop her, and anyway it felt really, really good, especially when lovely Karen started manipulating her finger in and out of me. Karen could clearly tell I was submitting, and soon one finger became two.

I groaned in excitement and sissified satisfaction as the double width of her fingers opened me up. Karen began shoving her fingers quite quickly up and down my arse hole now, and I think she was deliberately setting them slightly wider apart as well. My arse felt fantastic. I was a lucky girl. There was virtually no pain at all, and what there was, was drowned out by the delicious sensations of being penetrated.

Soon Karen's rubberised cock returned to its task of deflowering me. This time her engorged knob was not too big. My anal ring resisted at first, but then I felt it going, relaxing and giving way. Karen was opening me. Each little push made me a little more hers as she gradually filled me with the whole extent of her cock. I loved the way I could feel her hard length sliding into me. In no time I was totally speared, for the first time in my life, on the end of another man's cock. I was being fucked, turned into a faggot, buggered up my arse, and it felt wonderful. My tranny lover began regular fucking movements, and I groaned my delight as my wife watched me acting more and more like a slut.

Suddenly Karen grabbed my shoulders and half turned me around, her cock still well embedded up my arse. I found my mouth next to Master's semi-erect weapon. "Be my cock-sucker" be instructed me. As I learned to suck my master's cock, Karen continued to fuck me up my arse. I licked Master as my transvestite male lover ploughed into me, setting up a regular fucking motion. Tina stared at me, but I was powerless and too deliriously happy to care any more. I must have been doing something right, for in just a few minutes Master filled my mouth with hot, creamy spunk. Seeing this as thick globules of sperm dripped from my lips, Karen let rip, clearly intending to drive to orgasm herself. Her gorgeous girly cock flashed in and out of my bum, driving me wild. I knew I was screaming with orgasmic delight, and felt my balls contract and pulse as Karen fucked me to orgasm. My pent-up sperm flew out of my body, falling uselessly to the floor, and I found myself almost weeping with relief and satisfaction. I had done it. I had cum purely from being fucked, without touching myself at all. Karen too had spermed deep inside me, filling her condom for me.

Tina called me every name under the sun. I was a perverted, cocksucking, sissy. I was a useless, pathetic, girlified, feminised, failure as a man, not fit to be her husband. Yes I was, and I loved it. Master could have Tina. I would settle for learning to love Karen.

The End.