Written by Suzi_sheffield

5 May 2007

Wife Had Me Cuckolded and Buggered – Part Two (Second Humiliation)

After that first time my wanking into my various sets of silky panties in my wife’s presence became a regular thing. I still tried asking my wife Tina for sex sometimes, but never had any luck, and gradually the time between my attempts to persuade her to open her legs for me got longer and longer. A couple of months passed, and I became used to my role of full-time tranny wanker, coming to doubt that my cock would ever shoot its load of creamy cum inside Tina again.

At first Tina appeared to make out that she hardly noticed my dressing up and masturbation sessions, but after a few weeks she began starting to lay down a few rules and regulations. These almost seemed like some kind of test. I always obeyed her foibles in the end, as I was enjoying myself too much to want to risk losing the freedom I had gained. She announced her first “wanker’s rule” one night in bed when I was already dressed and playing with myself, gently rubbing the underside of my foreskin though a pair of nylon scarlet knickers. “Don’t make so much mess you wanker!” she suddenly told me, breaking her usual silence during these sessions.

“I’m fed up finding sticky patches on your side of the bed. You’re worse than a pubescent boy. From now on you can wear a condom when you’re manipulating your little dick, OK! And after you’ve filled it, take it off, tie it up so it doesn’t leak, and put it under your pillow. Leave it there all night, and I’ll remove it in the morning.”

Her final gesture of the night was to throw a packet of condoms at me! Guiltily and feeling thoroughly humiliated I did as she told me, and stretched the thin rubber over my expanded knob, then worked it down over my shaft inside the knickers. Of course the effect was to desensitise me a bit, an effect made worse by the shame of the telling off I’d received. My erection shrank a bit, and I needed much longer than usual to make myself properly hard and sperm myself inside the confining latex. When I finally came though, the extra release of tension gifted to me by a lovely ejaculation was heavenly. I could feel the bursts of spunk leaving my balls, and spilling uselessly into the stretchy rubber teat of the condom. When I had recovered I remembered to tie off the used durex and hide it under my pillow as I had been told, before going to sleep in my gorgeous lingerie.

Over the next week I used four condoms (Tina reminded me to buy some more – as I’d “need them regularly from now on”. Every night I left the used rubber under my pillow, and it would be gone the next evening. However on the first week’s anniversary of the new “wanker’s rule”, I was presented with what I saw as the first real evidence that my wife was deliberately finding new ways to humiliate and degrade me. I got into bed wearing a very tight, expensive, black silk teddy and (for a change) some black fish-net tights. As soon as I lay down in bed, Tina surprised me by producing my four used condoms, still tied off, with the teat and bottom of each still clearly containing a small amount of my liquidy cum.

“This is to teach you a lesson, you sissified wimp,” she informed me in a very cool, deliberate tone. “This is wanker’s rule number two: from now on you must drink every last drop of your own cum. Think about it. If you don’t like it, you’d better start wanking less often. You’ll drink the spunk once a week, so how fresh it is will depend on how many times you cum. If you don’t do it, you can forget all about being allowed to dress up and spunk yourself silly. I’ll keep your seed in a little plastic box in the fridge for you all week if necessary. Then I’ll feed it to you when the seven days are up. It’s the price you’ll have to pay to carry on being the pervert you want to be. And you can start now…”

With that she produced a pair of scissors and snipped off the knotted end of the first condom. “Come on,” she ordered me in a derisory manner, “drink it all up. Open your mouth, put your head back, and I’ll pour it in for you to make sure you get it all”.

I dreaded the staleness of the spunk more than anything, but did as she said. Tina squeezed every last drop of creamy cum onto my tongue. It was slippery and slid around my mouth and down my throat, but wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, because it was cold and thick from the fridge, which took some of the taste away. One by one my wife fed me the four condoms, making me eat my own sperm. She took her time, watching to make sure I swallowed at regular intervals, eventually dabbing my lips with a handkerchief when she was satisfied that I’d done as I’d been told.

“Now your stomach is full of your own spunk,” she pointed out to me, “and that is definitely the best place for it. Just bear in mind that from now on any more cum juices you dare to produce are going back into your own body. You might want to practice wanking without cumming more often. After all you’re not a real man any more, so you can just sperm yourself from now on.”

The result of this new rule was that I did indeed tend to cum less often. Tina was making me even less of a man than I already was. On the other hand I still dressed and played with myself every evening and night, so I was getting more and more sexually frustrated. My balls almost always felt full now, and when I did cum there was plenty of thick, creamy spunk in the condom left under my pillow for me to eat. At least I found myself getting used to the taste of spunk, and even got to quite like it, especially the globby, thick texture of it. Tina even smiled when she noticed me rolling thick, ropy strands of cum around my mouth with my tongue before swallowing.

Again I assumed that this new humiliation was all Tina’s own idea. Little did I realise that she was herself merely obeying orders from her new lover, the ‘real man’ she had wanted all her life, the macho male I had failed to be. It was to be a little while yet before she would complete my degradation and shame by introducing me to him. When she eventually did, he would ruin me forever as a man.

To be continued in Part Three.