Written by pinapro

10 Apr 2009

As you know my wife has come out of her shell, she has become sexually more active, she has had a lesbian affair with agirl half her age,this has now finished she has seemed to get it out her system, or so I thought,she has let me crossdress in the house we have had some great sex, the mother in law fling I had; is in the past, she then dropped it on me ,she has read my stories looked on the site and has told me she wanted to be fucked by another man ,with a large endowement.

The thought excited me and I agreed providing she dressed for me and I hid in the house so I could hear and see her get hammered. The deal was done.

All I wanted was her to be dressed slutty in housewife mode wearing one of my aprons, the usual perverted stuff, heals,short tight skirt etc she agreed.

She viewed the site and contacted a guy called Dean,arrangements were made and the day soon came around, Dean from the photos was well endowed, a thick 10" cock, she was more interested in girth as I seem to get a little lost in that big fanny of hers,she looked great on the day, knee length black skirt, my favourite pink apron heals white blouse, I had hid upstairs.

Dean arrived I remember him remarking about the apron and housework,Di said she liked wearing them and it hid her fatty bits did he have a problem,I think we all know the answer to that.

It went silent downstairs then I heard the sound of them kissing each other and the usual noises.

We always have our bedroom curtains shut for when we are on the job, they came upstairs and began.I saw Di on her knees through the door crack sucking this huge member she seemed to struggle to get it in her mouth, it was big,she perservered much to dean,s pleasure

Dean lifted her up place her over the bed hitched up her skirt and forced his cock into her doggy style, ...I think Di got a shock..it hurt her it was big,but she seemed to enjoy the pain as he pounded her, her lovely big backside wobbling away,the inevitable was going to happen, and dean pulled out and pushed it towards her arse hole,Di buried her head in the pillow as he forced his cock up her backside

..it hurt, she was struggling to take it finally she got his full shaft, i could see she was in pain but dean kept on pumping .

The great thing for me was she was fully dressed, he treated her like a whore a quick fuck..I loved it, her tits were hanging out,she still ahd her apron on...


The fuck went on for a good hour in various forms, I couldn,t see a huge amount, but her cries of joy and pain had me wanking myself off a few times.

When he left Di was hammered, he had been big and she struggled to get it up her cunt but definately had major problems with her arse,she loved the fact I was in the next room.Dean had prefered to arse fuck her, so she has arranged a second meeting for her pleasure.

She has agreed for me to find a woman so she can hide and experience the same.

Thing are looking up.